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Outsource Training and Instruction Manuals Translation

With businesses making steady inroads into foreign soils, and rapidly engaging global workforce to achieve easy business penetration, the need to become multilingual, in every aspect of the business, has become essential. Especially for product or service based companies that are expanding into nations with different language preferences, the need for translating instruction manuals into various native languages has become mandatory. Similarly, translating training manuals for training based businesses or organizations providing employee trainings to local resources is fast becoming a necessity.

O2I, with its array of language translation services and document translation offerings is at the forefront of providing instruction manual translations and training manual translations.

User Manual Translation

We at O2I understand the importance of user or product manuals, and know that manual translation isn't a mere translation of words, rather it requires a combination of great product knowledge and a clear understanding of how to rightly translate and convey the instructions into multiple foreign languages. Our professional language translators ensure that the translation is accurate, and users clearly understand the processes they have to follow to use your product or service correctly.

Training and Instruction Manual Translation

To enable faster learning, translation at O2I is precise and accurate. We have specialized teams assigned to perform 'training translation services' and 'educational translations'. This is done keeping in mind the importance of these manuals and the fact that these translated manuals will be used as educational material by natives whose educational background, scholastic orientation, cultural and social implications, and lifestyle, varies from state-to-state or nation-to-nation.

We Handle Specialized Translations

  • Specialized Resources

    At O2I, we carefully employ highly qualified native language experts who have substantial writing and translating experience in multiple languages. Also, we take care that they clearly understand the clients' culture, communication style, slangs, and educational background. As, our resources possess excellent command over their language, achieving precise translation becomes faster and accurate. We provide initial product training (if required) to the translators so that they know and understand what they are translating. This makes us adept at translating manuals in different global languages.

  • Translation Effectiveness

    We take stringent measures to affirm the effectiveness of the translation and to ensure that the source message or instructions have been correctly translated into the desired language without any semantic distortion. Post translation, we ask our native language experts to evaluate the whole translation with a fresh pair of eyes, keeping the user's perception in mind. This process helps us to make changes (if required) even at a later stage, and make the translated text even more refined and to-the-point.

  • Audit Teams

    Post-translation error checks and audits are stringently conducted by O2I's specialized native language proofreaders. This ensures that the translations are error-free and adhere to O2I's quality standards. Based on their experience, our audit team also passes recommendations on replacing certain words or sentences, or using certain styles. This process ensures that precise translation is achieved.

Outsource Instruction Manual & Training Manual Translations to O2I

Expanding your business across global boundaries demands extreme focus and attention. Also, it demands that your company training and instruction documents are clearly translated, so that your products/services are used as desired and utilized well by the people across different countries.

With great expertise, Outsource2india has been offering variegated translation solutions to clients world-wide for over a decade. Our translations are just right, timely and cost-effective. Shed your translation worries by outsourcing instruction manual & training manual translations to O2I, and save ample time to focus on your core job. Get in touch with our experts for your translation queries now!

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