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Outsourcing Translation Services to India

Translation Services

Have language barriers stopped your company from reaching out to new customers? Have you been unable to expand your market?

It's time you break down the walls with the help of Translation Services. By marketing your services/products in the native language (Spanish, French, German, or any other global language) of your prospective customers, and reaching out to them in their own mother tongue you can instantly win them over.

While there is an ample availability of free online translation tools, you cannot be sure about its accuracy. This is a risky proposition, as incorrect translation can lead your customers away, instead of winning them. If you outsource translation services, you can be sure that the content on your brochure, website, legal documents or catalogues is 100% accurate, as trained translators will be doing the translation for you.

Get the India Advantage!

low cost services

Reach out to newer markets with low cost services

Use language translation

Use language translation services to expand your business

customized translations

Avail customized translations for varied industries

turnaround time

Short turnaround time of 3, 6, or 9 hours

complete data confidentiality

NDAs and security measures ensure complete data confidentiality

editing / proofreading to ensure accuracy

Value-added services like editing / proofreading to ensure accuracy

Why Outsource Translation Services to India?

  1. Low cost translation services

    Translation services in India are much more affordable and convenient than recruiting an in-house team of translators. Not only will you save yourself from the trouble or hiring and training a team, but you will also not have to invest on any kind of infrastructure, software, or technology. Since the cost of labor is low in India, you can get access to a dedicated team of trained and experienced translators at half your current cost. The low cost of translation services in India can help you translate any amount of marketing/legal material, without having to burn a hole in your pocket.

  2. Grow and expand your business

    Did you know that Spanish is the official language in 20 countries? The French language on the other hand is spoken by over 75 million people, while the German language is the mother tongue of 200 million people. These statistics prove that the native-speaking Spanish, French, and German market is large and has a rich potential. With the help of language translation services, you can reach out to more customers and successfully take your business to new markets.

  3. Specialized translation services

    India is one of the few global translation services destinations that offer specialized translation services to suit the requirements of varied industry verticals. Whether you are from the legal, IT, Healthcare, Media, Education, Sports, Government, Insurance, Electronics, or Automotive industry, you can avail customized translation services. India is a one-stop location where you can get anything and everything translated, such as, Advertisements, Forms, Bills, Reports, Websites, User Manuals, Software Programs and Legal Documents to name a few.

  4. Fast turnaround time

    When you outsource Spanish translation services, French translations services, German translation services, or any other language translation services to India, you can be sure that you will receive the translated content within a quick turnaround time of 3, 6 or 9 hours (depending on the urgency of your project). India's favorable 12 hour time-zone difference makes it convenient for translators in India to complete their work during the night and send it to the client by the next morning.

  5. Complete security and privacy

    You need not have any concerns when you outsource translation services, as Indian translation service providers take security very seriously. With stringent measures taken on all levels (personnel, site, data and network), you can be confident that no part of your data will leave the premises of the service provider untraced. Before the onset of the project, an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) will be signed by all the translators who will be working on the project.

  6. Value-add services

    Apart from offering accurate global translation services, Indian service providers take it a step further, by offering value-add services like editing and proofreading. Such services ensure that the translated content is free from errors, matches the source content and makes sense to the reader.

Translation Services Outsourcing Process at O2I

Client fills in our 'Contact us' Client fills in our "Contact us" form and our team contacts the client
sample file for a FREE, no-risk trial Client sends a sample file for a FREE, no-risk trial
Voice to Text Process Clients opts for either "Voice to Text Process" or "Text to Text Process"
first converted into text The voice files are first converted into text and then translated
German, French, or Spanish The text is accurately translated into German, French, or Spanish by our experts
accuracy of the translation The translated text is retranslated into English to check the accuracy of the translation
proofread to eliminate errors The translated text is edited and proofread to eliminate errors
uploading on a secure FTP site Accurately translated content is sent to the client, via email or by uploading on a secure FTP site

Outsource Translation Services to Outsource2india

Join our team of happy customers and avail any foreign language translation services at a low cost and within the shortest possible turnaround time. Be sure of quality and accuracy in the translated content, as we employ only certified French, Spanish and German translators who have extensive experience in translation. We have the ability to translate a large volume of documents within a remarkably short time. Our affordable services make it easy for companies to localize websites, software and any other marketing material.

Get in touch with us today for expert translation services. We, at Outsource2india will be glad to assist you.

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