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Outsource Literary Translation Services

If you are a book publisher or an author, you may be probably looking to increase profitability by expanding the readership of your book or manuscript to an international audience. A starting point in this direction can be translating books and manuscripts into other languages to facilitate its distribution worldwide.

This will help create additional revenue while cultivating new reader base internationally. Swedish writer, late Stieg Larsson's best-selling 'Millennium thrillers' were made famous only after his crime novel series was translated into English and other world languages.

Literary Translation Services That Don't Get 'Lost In Translation'

While regular translations come with its own unique set of challenges, Literary Translations are even more complicated. Literary styles are unique, as the literary work bears the distinctive mark of the author and genre of literature to which it belongs. In order to preserve the uniqueness and beauty of a literary work, it is necessary to pay close attention to its intended meaning as well as the nuances. Therefore the term "lost in translation" applies especially to literary documents translation. Not only must the proper translation convey the core meaning of the content, it must also preserve the aesthetic aspects of the document and the writer's signature style.

At Outsource2india, we are aware that literary translations are especially challenging. Our manuscript translation services strive to preserve the intended meaning and tone of the manuscript intact. In addition to being expert linguists, our translators are literature graduates and are well-versed in world literature. They are aware of the differences between the cultural background of a literary work and the culture of the target audience for whom it is being translated. They are able to substitute text in the literary manuscript with the equivalent text from the target language in order to make it culturally relevant to the intended audience. They also take care that the author's voice is not lost while improvising.

Literary Documents Translation Services Par Excellence

At Outsource2india, our translators can work their magic on a range of documents. Whether it is translating Maya Angelou's poetry into Mandarin, or Spanish film subtitling translation into English, you can be sure that the intended meaning as well as spirit of the manuscript is preserved in the translation when it's done by expert translators at O2I.

Our manuscript translation services include -

  • Subtitling Translation
  • Dubbing Translation
  • Screenplay Translation
  • Books & Comics Translation
  • Essays and Poems Translation
  • Magazine Articles Translation
  • Short Story Translation

Outsource2india for All Your Literary Translation Needs

When we say, 'for all literary translation needs', we actually mean it. Outsource2india's team of specialized linguistics and professional writers & translators can help you with any document translation requirements you have.

Still wonder why Outsource2india's Literary Translation Services are popular? Here are the reasons -

  • Presence of discerning and qualified literary translators
  • High quality translations in almost all global languages
  • Translations done keeping in mind the culture of the targeted country
  • Translations in both print and electronic media
  • Time-zone advantage and quick turnaround time (between 12 and 24 hours)
  • Competitive and affordable pricing
  • Stringent confidentiality and security measures in place

Get your story across to a global audience. Be it dubbing services or film translation services, we can help open your doors to new audiences worldwide. Contact us today!

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