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Get online translation done on contracts, legal documents, employment documents, and more with 100% accuracy at rates starting at ¢8 - ¢10 per word

Are you in search of a professional online translation services provider to get your business documents translated in a language of your choice? If your quest is to find professionals who make no errors and ensure timeliness, there is none better than Outsource2india. Being an expert online translation service provider, we understand what it takes to deliver online translations that are verbatim and accurate context-wise.

O2I has 23 years of experience helping clients who outsource online translation services in India and from offshore locations. We make outsourcing online translation services a piece of cake by ensuring transparency from end-to-end. This saves you the effort to understand what happens after you outsource online translation services as our process is self-explanatory.

Professional Online Translation Services We Offer

Outsourcing online translation services can bring you measurable benefits and makes you versatile in the business. As a professional online translation service provider, we offer the following services -

  1. Online Translation of Contracts

    Online Translation of Contracts

    If you are drafting contracts or already have one ready to be signed, we'll get it translated accurately so the contract terms and fine print are clearly understood by stakeholders. Since contracts are legally binding, we take extra care while translating and choose a native translator to ensure precision.

  2. Online Translation of Legal Documents

    Online Translation of Legal Documents

    We translate legal documents that are part of litigation support to ensure there is no ambiguity in how the legal data is interpreted. This helps legal professionals to help their clients in moving petitions and submit the correct data. Also translated verdicts help litigants understand the outcome.

  3. Online Translation of Financial Statements

    Online Translation of Financial Statements

    We translate financial statements to understand the spending pattern by elucidating each comment and statement data in the language of your choice.

  4. Online Translation of Medical Reports

    Online Translation of Medical Reports

    We have native translators with specialization in medical report translation. They can interpret the medical codes and transcript data and ensure it's translated accurately for the patient as well as doctors from different geography.

  5. Online Translation of Consent Forms

    Online Translation of Consent Forms

    We translate consent forms with legal wording with 100% accuracy so the stakeholders can understand its terms and conditions before consenting.

  6. Online Translation of Employee Handbooks

    Online Translation of Employee Handbooks

    Every corporate office may need multilingual employee handbooks to help employees from different geographies and ethnicity to understand the corporate rules in their native language. We translate the actual handbook wordings with its context preserved.

  7. Online Translation of Immigration Documents

    Online Translation of Immigration Documents

    Since immigrants come from different continents and speak different languages we will help them interpret immigration documents and their terms without ambiguity.

Online Translation Process We Follow

Backed by 23 years of experience, we at O2I have established a streamlined process not just to provide accurate online translations in a short turnaround time but to ensure it is accurate. Our Online translation process consists of the following steps -


We work with the client to understand their business requirement


We collect the documents or data that needs translation


We will check the correctness of the original content to ensure the best results


We will assign the project to the native translators and sign NDA


Online translation will commence on the uploaded file


QA team will assess the translated documents and flag errors


After fixing flawed context and ensuring correctness the file is dispatched


We sent the translated file in any format of the client's choice

Other Services We Offer

Why Outsource Online Translation Services to O2I?

As an ISO 9001:2015 certified online translation service providing company, we have served over 50,000 clients in over 80 countries. Our multilingual talent pool has expert knowledge of the domain where the translation is necessary and do their best not to compromise the quality. We are preferred for translation services for the following reasons -

  • Competitive Prices

    Our online translation services are customizable so you can pick a service relevant to your needs to avoid paying extra.

  • ISO Certified Online Translation Experts

    We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified online translation services provider who does an exceptional job at committed tasks. We never slack when it comes to quality.

  • Domain-Specific Translator

    We have translation experts who are proficient in multi-discipline like law, medicine, pharma, and so on. Therefore, the team translates with the correct context.

  • Quick Turnaround Times

    As a reputed Online translation service provider because we guarantee quick TAT and always finish the project before the deadline.

  • Safe and Best Infrastructure

    We have a sound infrastructure that includes a range of tools and technology to make online translation easier for our team. Plus, our facility is access controlled, so if you have sensitive data to be translated we ensure it is safe in our premises.

  • Scalable Work Process

    Our online translation process is strictly based on TEP (Translation, Editing, and Proofreading). This workflow is streamlined to ensure quick completion of projects. We leverage advanced translation tools to help our teams to accommodate priority needs from the client.

  • Time Zone Advantage

    We have a global contact center workforce that works 24/7/365. This ensures your business continuity and support whenever, wherever it is needed.


The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

Student, Australia.
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Outsource Online Translation Services to Outsource2India

For over 23 years we have brought satisfaction to all our clients who had chosen us to outsource translation services. We have enjoyed continuous support from all quarters because we have offered consistent quality and timely services. Moving ahead we continue in our endeavor to become the best online translation service provider in the world. So if you have an online translation requirement think no further. Reach us now and get instant relief from hassles.

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