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Our Interpretation services can help your business expand and ease the business process breaking all the language barriers at rates starting at ¢8 a word

Interpretation is the provision of signed or spoken language by a professional interpreter to deliver a message from the original speaker to the audience who doesn't understand the language spoken or written by the original speaker. Interpretation can also be involved between the same languages if the subject of the speaker is complex and needs to be simplified to convey the message to the audience. If you don't have skilled personnel to perform this task, then contacting interpretation services providing company like O2I is the right option.

At Outsource2india, we help our clients with different criteria like a commercial, public sector, legal, police, councils, and safety training. Our highly skilled interpreters are highly experienced and can handle any complex subjects and languages which are tough to learn and interpret. When you outsource interpretation solutions to us, you leverage the expertise of our executives at the least minimal cost.

Interpretation Services We Offer

Working with hundreds of clients for interpreting different languages and subjects, we have experienced a lot of different requirements for interpretation solutions. As we moved through client requirements, we analyzed each of the requirements and classified our interpretation services into a few sub-services to make it easy for our potential clients to choose a service. Let's have a look at the service we offer under interpretation services -

  1. Conference Interpretation

    Conference Interpretation

    When the interpretation is done at professional seminars, conferences, international summits, bilateral meetings of the government bodies, or corporate business meetings, it is called conference interpretation services. Here, our experienced executives will convey the message by interpreting the oral message from one language to another which builds clear communication between two parties.

  2. Simultaneous Translation

    Simultaneous Translation

    Simultaneous translation services are offered on occasions as same as the conference interpretation. But it is done in real-time. It is a complex process and requires a lot of expertise in two or more languages to simultaneously interpret the important meetings. As a simultaneous interpretation company, our expert team is capable of facilitating communication between two or more people or parties coming from different language backgrounds.

  3. Continuous Interpretation

    Continuous Interpretation

    When there is a large gathering of multiple companies or business parties from different languages, there will be a great need for continuous interpretation to build communication between business parties. Our interpreters who are highly skilled in continuous interpretation are all set to deliver interpretation solutions.

  4. Telephone Interpretation

    Telephone Interpretation

    Telephone interpretation refers to interpreting and delivering the message from the source language to one or more target languages orally and it is conducted through a telephone. When businesses flourish on a global scale, you certainly need telephone interpretation solutions to communicate with local management.

  5. Medical Interpretation

    Medical Interpretation

    Medical interpretation is conveying the right message between the doctor and the patient who speaks different languages. This interpretation involves a lot of medical terms that are hard to understand by the patient. Our expert team boasts executives who are fluent in multiple national and regional languages are sure to help you when you outsource interpretation services to us.

Interpretation Services - Our Unique Workflow

Having a skilled and experienced team along with international standard infrastructure will produce substandard work if there isn't an efficient workflow in place. With the experience of our managers and directors, we have designed one of the most efficient workflows that can help our executives work hassle-free and deliver high-quality services. The workflow looks as follows -


01. Requirement Gathering

Once you choose to outsource interpretation services to us, our dedicated manager will connect with you to gather all the information about the requirement. A detailed requirement gathering has always put us ahead in providing top-notch services


02. Requirement Analysis and Cost Estimation

Our team will scrutinize the requirements for all possible and efficient ways to meet them. Then it will be forwarded to the proposal team where the cost estimation will be done based on your requirements. Once the cost estimation is done, the quotation will be forwarded to you for further clarification


03. Cost Finalization and Documentation

Once you discuss and finalize the price, our team will record the quote and proceed with further documentation of the non-disclosure agreement to protect all the information related to both companies


04. Connecting Through Secure Servers and File Transfer

To deliver real-time interpretation solutions, we connect with you through a secure network to secure the data that will be transferred between us. While the other interpretation files will be transferred through the secure file transfer protocols


05. QA and Services Delivery

Once the interpretation is done, our QA team will scrutinize the interpretation for any errors and make sure it is error-free. Once the QC is done, interpreted files will be transferred to you through a secured network

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Why Outsource Interpretation Services to Outsource2india?

There are hundreds of outsourcing companies that provide interpretation solutions across the world. But only a few can ace the interpretation solutions as an interpretation service provider. As a provider of interpretation services in India, we have served hundreds of clients who are satisfied with our services. What makes us stand out as the best interpretation services providing company? Here is the list of advantages that our clients enjoy when they outsource interpretation services to us -

  • Cost-effective Services

    Compared to other service providers in the industry, we charge less to clients for the services we offer. It is only possible because we charge our customers for the customized services. They will pay only for what they get.

  • 100% Confidentiality

    As an interpretation service provider, we give the utmost importance to the data of our clients. Outsourcing interpretation services to us will always ensure you secure company and work information.

  • Human Interpreters

    At O2I, we take the help of tools to interpret but it is always the expert executives who interpret your messages to target with a simple manner.

  • World-class Infrastructure

    As an interpretation services providing company, we have always made sure that our infrastructure is world-class to deliver the services that meet all the international standards. We also know how an updated infrastructure is the backbone of any business in terms of ease of doing business.

  • Shortest Turnaround Time

    When you outsource interpretation services to us, be assured that you will receive services within the shortest turnaround time. With the expertise, infrastructure, and an efficient workflow, we always finish projects before the deadline maintaining the highest quality and accuracy.

  • 24/7 Customer Support

    Since we have clients from all parts of the world who work in different time zones, we are always spot on to support our clients. Our executives who work in shifts will make sure you get support around the clock.

  • Highest Accuracy

    In interpretation solutions, the accuracy of the interpretation can change the course of communications. Considering its importance, our team is all set to deliver the most accurate interpretation solutions.

  • Single Point of Contact

    In any business, communication between the company and the client plays a major role in providing hassle-free and quality services. To keep the communication right, we have a single point of contact for every client.

  • Dedicated Team

    At O2I, we have hundreds of people divided into multiple teams to take care of the projects. To provide high-quality services, our teams will be working on a single project at any given point in time. This will help us to provide quality services in the shortest turnaround time.

  • Industry Expertise

    We have managers, team leaders, and executives who have been working in the industry for over decades. Outsourcing interpretation services to us will let you leverage the expertise.


The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

Student, Australia
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Outsource Interpretation Service to Outsource2india

We, at O2I, offer high-quality and customized interpretation services in India and around the globe. We have been serving the industry effectively for more than two decades with high-quality translation services. O2I provides you with high quality, quick turnaround, cost-effective services that make us 'Clients First' go to the interpretation service provider.


Outsourcing interpretation services to O2I will leave you more space to concentrate on other core things while our expert team will take care of all the interpretation tasks with the highest accuracy whether it is in real-time or recorded interpretation. You leverage our world-class infrastructure, tools, expertise, and low-cost quality services when you outsource interpretation services to us.

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