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With businesses touching various geographies, cultures, and languages, the need for translating direct business mailers has become extremely crucial to penetrate and tighten your grip in the global markets. The key to accomplish that lies in translating mailers preserving their original intensity, style, brand language, and effectiveness intact.

O2I Delivers the Best Direct Mailer Translation Services

Outsource2india has great expertise in direct mail English translation, and has a specialized team of professional translators and linguists adept in foreign language translation, who can effectively translate all your documents and web content.

  • Understanding the Components of Direct Mailers - Direct mailers are extremely crucial for any business. Be it a sales piece, a business offer, a promotional mail or any business communication mail, the key is to understand its components so that effective translation can be done. Right from the mailers' introduction to its core message, conclusion or action statement, we ensure that direct email marketing translation is seamless and well-synchronized such that every component eases into the other.
  • Understanding the Local Markets - At O2I we understand that unless you understand the local markets and its language you cannot effectively translate a direct mailer. So, we ensure that the right words are handpicked and embedded into your mailers so that it brings in a nativity into your direct mailers, while retaining its native sheen.
  • Understanding Native Languages - Who can better translate your English mailers into different local languages than the natives themselves? That's why; at O2I we not only pick natives for the translation job, but also ensure that they are experts in understanding source and local languages and also have prior professional translation experience.
  • Understanding Slangs, Culture, and Ethos - These attributes are given importance at O2I as we believe that unless you are aware of the local slangs and ethos of the market, or know in and out the people you are communicating with, you cannot translate the mailers appropriately.

Benefits of Translation Services from Outsource2india

Translating mailers is an expert's job, as direct mailers are mostly crisp and to the point, which makes it all the more important to keep the email language translation extremely tight and meaningful. So, it is not mere translation of words rather precise mail translation at work that we take care of.

  • Multiple Language Translation Support - We support translating direct mailers in different languages including most European and Asian languages. At times you may also require English-to-English translation in countries where the format, culture, slang, and style of speaking and writing English is drastically different. For example the way English is written and spoken in the USA is different from the UK, which calls for professionals well-versed with distinct regional semantic usages.
  • Experienced Translation Team at O2I - Our translation team consists of native translation experts and business communication experts who work on direct mail translation to other languages. This makes them skilled at handling translations especially with direct mailers and other email translation services.

Outsource Direct Mailer Translation to O2I

To get the right edge and reach multiple geographies and languages, outsource your translation requirements to O2I. Our team of expert translators will be glad to talk to you and meet your unique requirements.

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