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Popular Graphic Designing Predictions for 2018

Graphic Designing Predictions for 2018

'A picture is worth a thousand words'. We have heard this line several times over, and truly believe in what it says. It's also said that 'content is king', but it is the innovative designs, classy images, vibrant colors, and creative text which make the content extraordinary.

Graphic designing has been around for a long time and has underwent rapid changes in the way the designing is done. Graphic designing has been a critical part of all kinds of advertising, communication, and print requirements and it is important that the designs are distinct from the competitors to create an impact. Companies need to study the dynamic market and be updated with the latest graphic design trends to prepare themselves better to for the upcoming challenges in the industry.

7 Popular Graphic Designing Predictions for 2018 and Beyond

As we welcome a brand-new year 2018, the field of graphic designing will see new and innovative designs which are sure to revolutionize this industry. Though the trends of 2016 will continue to be popular and make an impact in the industry, there are some new trends which make an entry and change the face of graphic designing. Some of the new, innovative and modern graphic design trends for 2018 are listed here -

  1. Minimalistic Designs Will Be Prevalent

    Minimalistic Designs Will Be PrevalentThough used by some in the year 2016, minimalistic designs will be used widely by even more designers in their designs in 2018 and the coming years. The ability to convey a lot through minimal design has attracted many companies to adopt this trend. It is predicted that minimalistic designs will gain much more popularity in this year.

  2. Modular Layout Usage Will Increase

    Modular Layout Usage Will IncreaseModular designs use the text in smaller chunks instead of using large blocks of content. This method is more manageable and helps the reader to easily understand the concept. This trend will gain a considerable amount of popularity in the coming years. When designed neatly, modular designs not only provide a professional look but also function as a great management tool.

  3. Hand Drawn Images Will Gain Popularity

    Hand Drawn Images Will Gain PopularityThough this design has been used by some companies in their designs, it is predicted that this trend will gain significant ground in the year 2018 and beyond. Hand drawn illustrations provide a human element to the designs and evoke a nostalgic feeling among the readers. Hand drawn designs also make it easier to explain things and make people understand complex concepts.

  4. Responsive Logos are Here to Stay

    Responsive Logos Are Here to StayResponsive logos were designed to keep in mind the different types of formats available to the reader these days. Responsive logos are simple and adaptable to the different devices available today. With the availability of more and more different kinds of devices, responsive logos are here to stay in 2018 and beyond.

  5. Modern Retro Designs Will Make a Comeback

    Modern Retro Designs Will Make a ComebackRetro designs have been around for quite some time now and with the advent of modern-retro into the picture, this style of designs is all set to make a grand comeback in 2018. 2016 saw some of the companies opting for modern-retro designs in their packaging and this trend is predicted to pick up even more traction in the coming year.

  6. Moving Images or Cinemagraphs Will Become a Part of Our Daily Lives

    Moving Images or Cinemagraphs Will Become a Part of Our Daily LivesUsually, in the form of GIFs, cinemagraphs are still images with only a part of it moving. Cinemagraph creation can be used to effectively convey long messages within short time, solving the major problem in the marketing world, time. Cinemagraphs will soon be a part of our daily lives and will be easily visible all around us.

  7. Sleek Text and Bold Images Will Gain Momentum

    Sleek Text and Bold Images Will Gain Momentum LivesThe trend to have sleek text and bold images is already popular currently, but this trend will gain much more ground in the 2018 and beyond. The use of bold images and sleek text happen to engage the viewers and hence convey the required message very easily. The text and images work great together to create great borders and captivating content.

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