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Video Clipping Services to a Leading Italian Client to Create a Unique Stock Library

Case Study on Video Clipping Services to Create Unique Stock Library

The Client

Our client is an Italian-based, highly-reputable studio that has the primary goal of helping its clients improve their branding strategies by providing high-quality, innovative video content. By partnering with a large network of video creators, our client can help businesses enhance the reach of their brand through visual media. Their superb video production resources and vast understanding of trends has helped them build an exceptional library of game-changing videos. They required video clipping services to improve their extensive library, so they contacted Outsource2india with the following requirements -

  • Video clipping services were required for approximately 400 videos per day.
  • Each video needed to be clipped down, so they were 5 seconds in length while also ensuring their quality remained intact.
  • The client required a trial of 1,000 videos to prove the competence of their outsourcing partner.

Project Challenges

Outsource2india quickly discovered that there were some pretty challenging obstacles to overcome with this project.

  • Videos were all shot in such different ways that they had a varying degree of quality that had to be overcome.
  • O2I required several back-and-forth conversations with the client to establish a certain threshold of quality for videos. This caused initial delays.
  • The client required a large volume of videos to be edited consistently every day.

The Solution

O2I addressed all of the challenges to this video clipping project by using the following processes -

  • Initial discussions with the client took much longer than anticipated but was deemed necessary to establish a baseline for all videos.
  • This project began with a trial of 1,000 videos to ensure both O2I and the client were on the same page. Once completed, the full project would begin.
  • Oursource2India assigned a team of four video editing experts to this project who would be dedicated to meeting its challenges.
  • It was decided that Dropbox would be the best choice for sharing files since there were going to be 400 videos edited per day.
  • O2I's team of experts used Adobe Premiere Pro to ensure that the videos were clipped properly while also maintaining the standard of quality formulated in the previous phases.

The Result

The client was so impressed by Outsource2india's work that they agreed to a long-term contract, so we're helping them add to their impressive stock of videos by providing video clipping services for 400 to 500 clips per day. This partnership has provided a number of amazing benefits to both parties.

Choose Outsource2india for all Your Video Editing and Clipping Requirements

Outsource2india has vast experience in providing a wide range of creative design services to meet diverse video editing and video clipping requirements of our clients. We have a team of highly experienced video editors who not only ensure superlative results but also follow a cost-efficient process, making us a winning outsourcing partner.

Outsource2india is your one-stop service provider for all video editing and clipping needs. If your business needs expert video editing services or video clipping services, contact us today!

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