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Outsource Content Editing Services

Content Editing Services

It gets extremely hard for writers to spot mistakes, as after spending hours developing content, the subconscious mind tends to skip common errors. Therefore, it needs the expertise of an experienced editor to find those hidden mistakes, and create a flawless piece of content. This is where professional content editing services come into picture.

Editing is nothing but ameliorating a document until it develops into the best possible content that can be offered to a reader or a publisher. We, at Outsource2india provide professional content editing services - be it for simple marketing collaterals or a fiction novel. Though editing is a challenging exercise, we ensure that the writer's ideas are presented effectively and made simpler for readers before publishing. When O2I editors undertake content editing, the document reaches the best intended goal and guarantees straightforward and effective results.

Content Editing Services We Offer

Our content editing services are flexible and not restrictive. We can accommodate business writing projects based on per word or per article model. We undertake content editing work for the following -

  • Newsprint Content Editing Services - Outsource2india can help edit articles across diverse subjects that are written for a specific audience or medium. Backed by strong research and editorial staff, O2I edits to make articles newsworthy and be published in newsletters and magazines.
  • Business Content Editing Services - Outsource 2india understands the essence of business writing and our team of editors handle it with élans. O2I edits for the intended audience using the right language to engage consumers be it brochures, catalogues or business proposals and correspondences.
  • Technical & Commercial Content Editing Services - Outsource2india's editorial team can handle content editing and edits both technical and commercial content. The team interacts with customer's to produce flawless technical documents, manuals and commercial assignments like job applications and advertisements.
  • Book Content Editing Services - Outsource2india handles larger editing projects like books and novels. What authors compromise on like punctuation, spelling and grammar our editors can perfect. O2I's editorial services handle almost all genre of books, be it fiction, education or biographies.
  • Academic & Research Content Editing - Outsource2india's editors handle every form of academic content and can edit any type of document. With SMEs, quality analysts and experienced editors, O2I works on all types of academic publications including reference books, research papers and essays.
  • Digital Content Editing Services - Outsource2india understands writing for digital media is different and we can edit content for electronic, digital and web use. O2I can handle digital content editing which includes websites, SEO, blogs, articles and for other social media platforms.

Our Content Editing Process

Outsource2india's has a team of editors who can edit various genres of writing. O2I has a process in place which is followed and this helps in precisely defining the purview of edit and the editing process which is beneficial for both the client and O2I. Our editing services process includes -

Client Defines Editing Scope

Client defines the scope and breakup of the editing task

Present Sample Edit

Sample document is edited and presented to the client

Determine Style Guide

Based on feedback, we create editing style guide

Decide on Timelines, SLA, and Cost

Set up team of editors, delivery schedules, and costing

Execute Final Edit

Edit documents based on the defined style guide

Quality Check Before Handover

Quality check by team, signed off for uploading

Upload Edit Documents

Upload edited documents based on client's requirements

Benefits of Outsourcing Editing Services to O2I

  • Save Time and Money - Outsourcing content editing to O2I saves time and money as we have access to trained copy editors with specialized skills
  • Leverage Expertise of a Highly Qualified Content Editing Team - Our content editing team is highly qualified and from reputed academic institutions with the talent to edit any type of content using the latest techniques on editing
  • Experience Exceptional Language Skills - Content editors at Outsource2india have exceptional language skills and can shape copy and content with a professional and unique touch
  • Write for Your Target Audience - We understand the importance of our customer's projects and how users perceive content. We eliminate jargon and retain professional language levels making text appealing, succinct, lucid and error-free
  • Strengthen Conceptual Thinking - Our editors not only concentrate on eliminating mistakes or discrepancies that may puzzle the reader but also thoroughly investigate the quality of concepts being edited by the team
  • Add Value to the Manuscript - We will adequately delete unnecessary parts of the write-up and help highlight some sections of the manuscript without quality taking a beating
  • Maintain Originality and Eye-for-detail - We make content editing fun and simple ensuring the work is nothing short of the best. Our professional editors have an eye for detail and the content edited always bears the hallmark of originality and uniqueness while adhering to the core concept of the customer.

Outsource Content Editing Services to Outsource2india

By making use of our content editing services, customers are assured that grammar is corrected, redundancies obliterated, problem sentences fixed and vocabulary enhanced and sharpened. A specialized editor at O2I examines the content from the reader's viewpoint, ensuring that a clear message is developed and delivered. We deliver content editing services promptly and maintain a high level of accuracy.

Outsourcing content editing services to India? Contact us to outsource your content editing requirements, we will quickly put our best team together.

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