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Top 20 Resources that Can Help You Develop a Great Graphic Design

Graphic Design Resources

A great graphic design speaks louder than a thousand words is the new modern quote in the graphic designing industry. An increasing number of businesses are looking out for talented and trained graphic designers who are capable of designing creative and arresting designs. Graphic designers have the capability to create visual concepts, by hand or by using software, which can convey the idea to viewers while informing and inspiring them. The demand for talented graphic designers continues to be on the rise and this trend is here to stay.

Creating a great graphic design is not an easy task. Graphic designers need to understand the exact client requirement clearly before starting the project. They also need to take into consideration the latest trends in the industry and be creative in their designs. At the same time, following a common trend will also not be a good practice as there will be thousands of other designers out there who will be following the same trend. Therefore, designers need to create designs which break new ground, while following the latest designing conventions at the same time.

Top 20 Beneficial Graphic Design Resources

Coming up with new and innovative ideas on a daily basis can be a daunting task for a graphic designer. There might be some days where as a graphic designer you are just not able to come up with any ideas for the design. In such cases it is always a good practice to browse through some graphic design resources which can inspire you to create new designs.

We have listed some of the most inspirational websites which showcase resources for graphic designers -

  1. Power to the Poster

    POWER TO THE POSTERIt is one of the most popular websites and resource centers for graphic designers around the globe. This website mainly consists of a good supply of well-designed posts which address the current issues in the design field. All design posters are available in PDF format for anyone to download and use.

  2. Looks Like Good Design

    LOOKS LIKE GOOD DESIGNThis is one of the most inspiring design resource websites out there and is bound to inspire a lot of graphic designers. It basically displays works belonging to motion designers, graphic designers, product designers, architects, advertisers, etc. They post one or two posts per day and have high-quality designs.

  3. Graphic-Exchange

    GRaPHIC eXCHaNGeThis is not one of the “links only” websites which only provides links to the designs on other websites. This website actually showcases designs from different designers, product designers and architects.

  4. GigPosters

    GIG POSTERSThis website is dedicated to showcasing designs for gig posters, flyers, handbills, etc. from around the world. It provides a great inspiration for artists, musicians, designers, venue collectors, bands, etc. It also has a special section with rock posters and music posters.

  5. Fubiz

    fubizFubiz is a unique graphic designing resource website which provides designs and promises to inspire designers. This website mainly concentrates on urban culture, numerical arts, subjects of the graphic world, products tendencies, etc. The website is available in two languages and features nine galleries.

  6. The Design Inspiration

    Design InspirationThis website is created by a group of designers who are seeking design inspirations on a daily basis from their peers around the world. This website mainly features illustrations, logos, photos, websites, patterns, etc. which are bound to ignite the thinking process in the minds of designers across the globe.

  7. 1X

    1X1X is a new and unique photo community which will leave you awestruck. They display the best works of famous photographers, photo bloggers, serious amateurs, etc. They select the best artwork and design work from around the globe and display it in one place.

  8. Emptees

    EmpteesThis is a website specifically designed for designers and t-shirt enthusiasts. This website is used to showcase the works of the world’s best designers, including tee designers and enthusiasts.

  9. CreativeDepart

    Creative DepartCreativeDepart features some of the most enriching, creative, and beautiful designs created by designers around the world. They mainly showcase the best works of artists, designers, photographers, fashion enthusiasts, etc. and try to capture the essence of what the designer wants to convey.

  10. Stationery Style

    Stationery STYLEThis website claims to provide content which people want to see and not the ones people don’t want to see by cutting down unnecessary designs. This is achieved by customizing the designs one sees based on their profile interests and the designers they follow.

  11. MOJIZU

    MOJIZUThis website is ideal for people who are into designing cartoon and animation characters as they can showcase their works here and share their talent with the world. Mojizu is also a great place for amateur designers to learn new tricks and get feedback on their designs from a large community of experienced designers.

  12. FreshBump

    Fresh BumpFreshBump is an inspiring website for designers who are mainly into product designing. This website mainly caters to industries such as computer arts, advertising, illustrations, interior designs, photography, architecture, etc.

  13. Hardformat

    HARD FORMATThis is a unique graphic design resource website and displays brilliant music-related designs and other original artwork. They believe that the end to physical music media is not close and continue to cater to music lovers and by creating folio designs, vinyl design covers, etc.

  14. TAXI

    TAXI CREATIVESTAXI is one the most unique networks for the creative minds of the planet. It is mainly a meeting place for all kinds of designers, helping them to stay connected with the world, learn new things, and showcase their talents on this platform.

  15. Design Shack

    design shackDesign shack is a resource website which is sure to inspire designers with their unique designs and artwork. They also feature articles which can help designers to learn new methods and latest design techniques from the best designers in the business.

  16. Creative Bloq

    CREATIVE BLOQThis is one of the most popular websites which caters to designers and professional artists. It is a blog where designers can showcase content on illustrations, web designs, 3D, digital art, graphic designs, etc.

  17. Boxes and Arrows

    boxesandarrowsThis is a website which can be used by designers to practice, innovate, and be inspired to create new and better designs. They mainly deal with interaction designs, graphic designs, the design of business, information architecture, etc.

  18. InspirationFeed

    inspirationfeedThis website masquerades as a design magazine and aims to inspire designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, etc. who are seeking to better their skills and expand their design vocabulary. This website features case studies, industry guidelines, development resources, tips and tricks, articles, etc.

  19. Awwwards

    AWWWARDSThis is an online network which serves as a meeting place for professional graphic designers and promises to inspire them. This is a place for sharing your work, getting into debates, and receiving genuine feedback from industry experts. They also feature some great articles which help you to learn and better your designs.

  20. Type Detail

    TYPE DETAILType Detail is a new initiative which promises to inspire designers with their new and unique web fonts. They tend to display fonts on a daily basis and point out intricate details which are often overlooked while creating new fonts.

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