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Audio Speakers Catalog Design for a Hong Kong Based Client

Audio Speaker Catalog Design Case Study

Outsource2india designed audio speaker catalog for a Hong Kong based client in just 24 hours with 96% accuracy, in adherence to the client's specifications.

A company that specializes in sourcing and branding services for startups approached Outsource2india (O2I) about designing a catalog for audio speakers as well as a logo to go with the packaging of the speakers and the catalog.

The Client

Based in Hong Kong, the client has 17 years of experience in working with the startups. They provide a range of services including supplier identification, brand licensing, order management, and branding. These branding services include a number of different individual offerings such as prototyping, product design, patent registration, mass production, and global distribution sourcing. The client was looking for a partner who could provide the following services:

  • Catalog design for audio speakers, including logo design
  • Packaging design for the audio speakers to match the catalog and logo
  • The project needed to be completed within 24 hours by individuals with specific expertise in this area

The Challenges

Throughout the course of the project, the team at Outsource2india faced a number of challenges to be addressed. These included:

  • The client had difficulty describing their project requirements to Outsource2india with precision. Their initial request was an image of a frame and a request to create a catalog based on it. The information provided was minimal, creating significant challenges in the early phase of the project
  • Extra time had to be put in for the rework of the catalog design due to the lack of information provided. This proved extra challenging because of the short deadline

The Solution

To address the above mentioned challenges and ensure that the finished product matched the specific needs of the client, the team at Outsource2india completed the following:

  • The O2I team made a formal request for a detailed list of guidelines that could be followed while working on the project
  • After receiving more accurate details about the project, the team assigned three dedicated resources to work on the project
  • To produce superior quality results and complete the project on time, the team at O2I used CorelDraw and Adobe Photoshop


The project was completed successfully and our team met the following benchmarks for the client:

  • The project was completed within 24 hours, meeting the client's deadline despite the challenges faced in the description and scope of the project
  • The project was completed at an accuracy level of 96%, in adherence to the client's benchmark. Also, we ensured successful delivery of the final product

As a result, of this project, the client was highly satisfied with the work of team at Outsource2india. They subsequently assigned more work to the team related to the initial project. To learn more, contact us today and receive exceptional catalog design services.

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