Designing Restaurant Menu's for a Reputed Printing Company

Case Study on Restaurant Menu Designs

Outsource2india's design services reduces 50% in-house cost of reputed printing company

An online printing company based out of the United States needed a partner who could quickly complete an extensive project to redesign restaurant menus in a short period of time. They contacted Outsource2india to assist with this project.

The Client

The client is an online printing company that offers a variety of customized marketing materials and printed products for a wide range of businesses they work with. They needed someone to help with -

  • Design of more than 200 restaurant menus.
  • Completion of at least one restaurant menu design within 24 hours.
  • Design of logos that could help the restaurant owners market their brands effectively.

Project Challenges

The project faced several challenges that required the Outsource2india team to make adjustments. These included -

  • The turnaround time was very short and each menu needed to carefully match the name, theme, and cuisine of the restaurant for which it was being designed.
  • Each menu was 1-6 pages long - this created a more time consuming process for some menus than other, which proved difficult as well.
  • The client required design of logos as well for each of the restaurants. The team needed to fully understand the theme of the restaurants to effectively do this in such a short period of time.

The Solution

To ensure the timely and accurate completion of the project, the Outsource2india team took the following steps in the development of the project -

  • A free trial was provided to the client so they could evaluate the team's performance.
  • The client was fully satisfied with the results of the trial and the project moved forward with 2 designers assigned to work on the project exclusively.
  • The team proceeded to design each of the menus using Adobe Photoshop, before sending the files to the client for review.
  • The client then provided feedback for each menu and updates were made to finalize the menu designs.
  • The final round of quality check was performed by the Outsource2india Quality Assurance team before the files were shared with the client via Dropbox.

The Results

As a result of the Outsource2india team's efforts on this project, the client was able to reduce their in-house costs by almost 50% and clear their backlog of menu designs that were pending. The project was completed on time and at an accuracy level of more than 97%, fulfilling the client's expected benchmark.

The client was highly satisfied with these results and has since offered more work to the Outsource2india team, resulting in the securing of a large billing client.

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