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Top UK Sports Brand Activation Company Gets Precision Cropping Services from O2I

Case Study on Precision Cropping Services for Sports Brand

The Client

The client is based in the Netherlands since 1995 and is a world leader in sports brand activation and event production. The client has established leading global brands across the world. With a viewership of 150+ million viewers a year (collective mediums) for their white label services, they also track and time 525,000 athletes a year at various marathons.

The client is the first company in the world to track swimming in open water, the first to use combined GPS and RFID (Radio-frequency identification) to track obstacle races.

The Requirement

The client was in search of an image editing company and opted to outsource to O2I. O2I had to crop images taken during the UK marathon. Every image had a timestamp on it to access an athletes' position while running. This was to serve as a technical validation of the marathon results and each athlete's position at a particular time during the marathon.

Challenges Faced by O2I

The key challenges faced during the project included -

  • Some athlete numbers were not registered in the tool
  • All the athlete numbers in each image had to be cropped - speed was off the essence here
  • The marathon was 'live' increasing the complexity of cropping the images simultaneously

Based on the success of the quality test, the client signed a contract for their ongoing work. O2I assigned twenty people on two shifts to handle the same, and completed the project successfully.

O2I's Solution

O2I analyzed the clients need and offered a quality test (trial). A one day trial was conducted with one full-time resource. The client trained the resource online for two hours to deliver the trial.

During the quality test, the client provided O2I with five images of athletes taken during a live UK marathon. O2I used the client's custom tool to crop the numbers on each athlete's t-shirt or vest. We then uploaded the number onto the tool. On uploading, the tool associated each number with the respective athlete. The athlete's details were displayed on the screen and the tool gauged the athlete's position at that time.

The Result

The client commended the speed and dexterity with which O2I carried out the cropping. The client mentioned that this was their primary concern as the images were live and precision cropping was essential along with the ability to crop all athlete numbers.

They also mentioned that they had received a 65% cost savings and were glad to outsource their ongoing work to O2I.

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