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Sixth Most Successful PR Firm in the US Gets Design Services from O2I

Case Study on Design Services to a US PR Firm

The Client

The client is based in the US and has more than 35 years of experience in marketing, public relations, promotions, and provides 360° marketing integration. They serve as a one-stop marketing and public relations (PR) firm. Their services range from branding for new products or services to providing set transport for events, graphic design services, PR editor services (producer/editor/photographer), videography and more.

The client has successfully created award winning music, television and philanthropic partnerships for restaurant and hospitality clients.

The Requirement

The client creates marketing collateral for the National Chicken Festival. 50 US states participate in the festival and the client required a high volume of marketing and promotional material. The client wanted to outsource the below -

  • Infographic Design
    • Infographic designs for the upcoming National Chicken Festival across 50 states. The infographics would be used in both print media and videos.
    • A significant upgrade from their old infographics, both in terms of design and the amount of data.
    • Completion of the designs in 2-3 days
  • Word Formatting
    • Customize 2 documents for a PR pitch
    • Update 2 powerpoint presentations with the new company logo, name etc.
    • Format a proposal document with new company credentials

Challenges faced by O2I

  • TAT - The client specified a very short deadline (2-3) day

O2I's Solution

On considering O2I's service capacity, the client decided to opt for a quality test (trial) and outsource the above requirement. During the trial, the client provided O2I with infographic samples used for the previous National Chicken Festivals, and additional data.

O2I assigned two resources to create seven new infographics that included the additional data as well as pie-charts etc. The project was successfully completed within three days.

The Result

Based on the success of the trial, the client signed a full-time contract with O2I on an hourly rate. According to the client O2I had to assist the client with any of its ongoing PR work including DTP, illustration services. desktop publishing, infographics etc.

Client Benefits

The client appreciated the quality of the infographic design and the speed with which we completed the trial. They also mentioned that as a result of this, they would outsource video infographics as well to O2I.

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