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Vfx Wire Removal Services

Outsource VFX Wire Removal Services

Streamline your post-production process and access flawless visuals with Our VFX Wire Removal Services

Wire removing is an extremely time-consuming and challenging part of the post-production process. It requires significant investment in resources and cutting-edge tools to ensure that the final result lines up with the vison for it. Be it complex shots requiring frame-by-frame painting or simpler shots at high volumes - the removal of wires and rigs while ensuring quality and consistency can lead to high overheads. To boost your margins while maintaining the quality of the output, you can partner with a reliable VFX wire removal service provider.

As an ISO-certified and GDPR compliant company, we consolidate expertise and data security to deliver the highest quality services to our clients. Our dedicated team of professionals can help you streamline wire removal in your post-production process. We possess the technical expertise required to erase wires with precision and finesse, resulting in flawless deliverables. We take your unique requirements and scope of the project into consideration to help you accelerate your project timeline.

High-Quality VFX Wire Removal Services We Offer

We will remove unwanted wires and rigging from your footage and ensure seamless deliverables that maintain the integrity of your brand. Our artists and technicians have considerable experience and expertise, that enables them to pay dedicated attention to every detail and deliver exceptional results. We offer a comprehensive range of VFX rig removal services where we leverage cutting-edge techniques and tools -

  • Rotoscoping

    Rotoscoping Services

    For the most accurate results, our experts trace over the wires or rig in each frame of the footage to remove it while preserving the integrity of the scene.

  • Masking

    Masking Services

    Our offerings include masking services that are fast and cohesive. We leverage masking techniques to create masks that cover the wire or rig in the footage.

  • Compositing

    Compositing Services

    Our composting services for wire removal include the utilization of multiple techniques that include cloning, tracking, and painting for seamless integration of pixels.

  • 2D Background Replacement

    2D Background Replacement

    To hide wires and rigs that are in the background of the footage, we use 2D background replacement where we replace the existing background with a new one.

  • 3D Environment Replacement

    3D Environment Replacement

    We offer 3D environment replacement services for wire removal, where we replace the greenscreen and wires/rigs with a new environment.

Techniques Used for Comprehensive VFX Rig Removal Services

There are multiple techniques for VFX wire removal that we leverage, depending on the complexity of the footage -

  • Painting Frame by Frame

    Our VFX artist will manually paint over the wires and rigs in the footage, frame by frame. This is a time-consuming and labor-intensive technique; however, it allows us to have complete control over the results.

  • Clone and Paint

    We leverage computer-assisted techniques to remove wires and rigs, where we clone the pixels around the wires and then paint over them with the cloned pixels. Using this technique ensures faster results.

  • Stabilize and Paint Back

    We use stabilize and paint back for wires that are moving with the background. We stabilize the footage and remove any shaky shots or motion blur. Then, once we paint over the wires and rigs, the original camera motion is reintroduced.

  • Patching Over the Top

    We primarily use this technique to remove wires by finding a clean frame from the footage and pasting it over the rig or wire. This technique is usually reserved for static cameras, since the static patch will not work on movement.

Software We Leverage

autodesk Maya 3ds Max Adobe After Effects silhouette Nuke

Why Choose Us as Your VFX Wire Removal Services Company?

We have helped multiple clients improve their margins, access expert resources, and get to faster project completion. Partner with us to benefit from -

  • Business Continuity

    We offer uninterrupted services so that your critical projects can stay on track. Even during challenging times, we ensure that your projects get delivered on time.

  • Creative Process Control

    Our global delivery centers ensure that communication at all times remains clear. We also offer streamlined file transfer methods that simplify the sending and receiving of files.

  • Trust and Compliance

    As an ISO-certified company, we uphold the highest standards of data security and integrity. We also ensure complete compliance with GDPR regulations.

  • Dedicated Team of Professionals

    We offer consistency in the quality of our services with the help of our team of full-time, permanent employees who are experienced in their field.

  • Cost-Effective Solutions

    We deliver exceptional wire removal services at a reasonable cost by leveraging our expert resources and streamlined workflows. We also offer flexible pricing options that can be customized to suit your budget and requirements.

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