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Case Study on Cost-effective Artwork Services to a Minnesota-based Client

O2I’s Artwork Services Enabled a Leading US-based Client to Reduce Overheads by 60%

The Client

Headquartered in Minnesota, United States, the client is the authoritative voice for insights and marketing solutions across 40+ brands in five key sectors. They cover legal, financial, real estate, and government affairs with 44 print and digital publications.

The Requirement

The client had an ongoing demand for DTP services for some of their top publications. When the global pandemic entrenched severe labor attrition issues in businesses across the world; it adversely affected the client as well. As industry leaders, they faced it more than most other businesses. Now, they needed an expert outsourcing partner to mitigate the situation.

The Challenges

The make-swift solutions by the client included recruits and freelancers. One led to an increase in overheads; the other compelled the client to manage the resources spread across 20 cities. The challenges included a lack of coordination, inconsistent deliverables, time zone disadvantages, and delayed deadlines.

The Solution

Based on our understanding of the client’s requirements, we allocated full-time designers who would work during the client’s business hours. We came up with strategies and QC parameters to ensure consistent outcomes and same-day deliveries, despite the pandemic. We were determined to provide the client with assured cost benefits, and we tweaked our project goals likewise.

Our Strategic Approach

We worked with the client for over 50 publications. We trained our resources on the unique requirements for each newspaper, magazine, and periodical. We proposed an enhanced team structure to effectively serve all the markets and assigned dedicated project managers to monitor progress and meet deadlines. As the entire team was centralized in one location, it became easier for the client's senior production team to coordinate and set expectations.

The Business Impact We Delivered

  • 99% accurate services
  • 99% adherence to deadlines
  • More than 60% reduction in overhead
  • Increased business revenue and subsequent profitability

Qualifications & Skillsets We Leveraged

  • Designers with profound knowledge of InDesign
  • Certified experts with at least 2 years of experience in Print and Design
  • Senior-most team leaders and project managers to monitor quality

Tools & Software Used for This Project

Adobe InDesign / InCopy / Illustrator & Photoshop

The Final Outcome

This partnership was a huge success. The client was beyond satisfied with the quality of our deliverables and our strict adherence to deadlines. What started as a single, yet colossal project transpired into long-term business relations.

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