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Outsource Business Writing Services

Writers in Outsource2india have the capability to write different kinds of business content, from white papers and reports to business case studies and blogs.

Here is a sample of some of the business writing services we can provide -

  • White papers
  • Business case studies
  • Executive summaries
  • Newsletters
  • Business reports
  • Business research
  • Corporate analyses, reports, abstracts & summaries
  • Press releases
  • Business writing for websites
  • Business blogs with aggregated content
  • How-to business books
  • Book reviews and summaries

Outsource business writing to O2I’s highly qualified team of writers for excellent results.

Well-qualified writers

Writers in the Outsource2india network have their own areas of specialization, which means we have qualified people (graduate-level or above, including MBAs, MDs and PhDs) to write on the subject. Their academic credentials combined with industry experience and excellent writing skills makes them the ideal choice to write top-quality business research reports, case studies, white papers, analyses, summaries, press releases and so much more.

Our network of business writers consists of people from a wide range of professions. We also have doctors, lawyers, accountants, business journalists, HR professionals, software engineers, college professors in our database.

White papers - powerful marketing tools

Outsourcing business-writing services can help you pre-sell your product or service, particularly if it is a groundbreaking innovation or a technical product. You can use white papers effectively to do this.

A white paper is a specialized document written by a subject matter expert that serves to educate its audience about a particular issue. Most white papers do take a particular stand on the chosen issue and argue for it. They may also offer specific solutions to a problem. A technical white paper provides solutions to a technical problem, focusing on the deployment of the solution.

Over the decades, white papers have become effective and popular marketing tools used to educate their readers about technological or conceptual innovations. It is the in-depth research presented in a white paper that helps decision-makers justify their decision and its implementation.

Business research, case studies and report writing

At Outsource2india, we have done a whole range of business research and report writing. Since our network of business writers comprises people with skills spanning a wide spectrum of subjects, we possess the capability of understanding and executing projects in almost any business related topic.

We believe that writing a business case study is one of the best ways to communicate business concepts. Click here to see a sample of our business case study.

We ourselves have discovered potential high-value customers visiting our websites because of the value they find in our website content. We can write well-researched content that adds value to your business or service.

Industry experience

There is a wealth of business research available both on the internet and offline. What is rare is the ability to access it and use that research in an informed manner to deliver value-added products. Our writers use a combination of subject matter expertise, industry experience, legacy material (that you may or may not provide) in addition to their research and writing skills to create the type of business writing that you require.

Writers from Outsource2india can write on a business topic without having first-hand experience because they have industry experience and can tap that knowledge when doing business writing.

Other kinds of business writing (press releases, book reviews and summaries, newsletters etc.) require specialization of a different kind. Here, the ability to communicate effectively with different stakeholders is important. These are skills honed by experienced journalists or public relations professionals. We have those in our writers network too.

The bottom line is that your work will be assigned to a writer who matches all your requirements in terms of qualification, experience and business writing skills.

Professional interviewing skills - by phone, online chat or email

We are located in India, but we can interview almost anybody around the world and send you either the raw transcript or an edited interview ready for publishing. We generally avoid doing in-person interviews, as it does not fit in with our outsourcing model.

Depending on the topic, the interviewee and the scope of the interview, we conduct interviews in the following ways -

  • On the phone
  • On Chat/Instant Messenger
  • Via email

The process

Normally, we draw up a contract that contains a list of pre-set deliverables. These are spread across various phases and the payment schedule is linked to this.

However, if you feel your project is likely to evolve as it is being written, the deliverables and payments can be sliced further, with an option to review the work and reset deliverables at certain points in the project life cycle.

Depending on the changes you require at each of these reviews, the charges may or may not change. Our project coordinator will brief you on this before you sign a contract.

Authoring business books

The O2I team has authored not only business books but also white papers, executive summaries, business articles, competitive studies and case studies. The customer owns the rights in all cases except when we enter into a collaborative project, where rights are discussed separately.

We’ve done a lot of ghost-writing as well. This involves a closer involvement with the customer due to the nature of the project. But everything else remains the same - the work schedule, the copyright, the system of setting deliverables.

Getting started

If you have a business writing project, please fill out our inquiry form where you can provide us with a brief description of the project you have in mind. Our Client Engagement Team will get in touch with you within 24 hours to take it further.

Please contact Outsource2india here with your outsourcing requirements.

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