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Signboard Design for a US-based Client

Case Study on Signboard Design

Outsource2india successfully delivered 250 signboard designs per day to a US-based client with an accuracy rate of more than 98%.

The Client

The client has more than 15 years of experience producing custom signage including signs, banners, auto accessories, and embroidered apparel in the United States. They needed a partner who could help them with the production of a large number of signboards. Their requirements included the following -

  • Use of 12,000 images, shared via Dropbox, in conjunction with information for each signboard
  • Redesigning and recreating the signboards based on the specific information provided by the client
  • The first batch of 250 images to be redesigned in 24 hours
  • A partner who could match the turnaround time, quality level, and volume required by the client

Project Challenges

The scope of the project was manageable for the Outsource2india team, but there were some challenges faced during completion. These included an issue with part of the signboard designs provided. While the first 5,000 designs required only simple text conversion, the remainder required both text conversion and new images to be added. This affected the required turnaround time of 250 images per day.

The Solution

To ensure the proper and timely completion of the project to meet client expectations, the O2I team completed the following -

  • Before starting the project, the team provided 10 samples for review to the client
  • After approval of the samples, four resources were assigned to work on the project exclusively
  • The client shared all of the existing signboards via Dropbox in .JPEG and .PNG format for editing
  • The team performed the text conversion and image addition services where needed while maintaining regular communication with the client on progress and to respond to feedback
  • The team worked to ensure all dimensions, font sizes, and colors matched the client's exact specifications
  • The Outsource2india QA team worked carefully, performing strict quality checks throughout the project to ensure everything matched perfectly
  • The project was completed using Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CC

Project Results

The project was completed as requested by the client with an accuracy rate of 98%. As a result, the client was able to reduce in-house costs and receive exceptional services at affordable prices. The client was highly satisfied with Outsource2india's performance and outsourced more work to the team as a result.

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