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Audio Conversion Services

Outsource Audio Conversion Services

We convert your audio file from an analog format to a high-quality digital format using digitization tools without harming the actual quality at rates starting from $10/hour

If you have analog audio files that are on the verge of destruction, retrieval can be a complex task without the right expertise or tools. Therefore, audio conversion by experts makes sense to most. If you have files that are too valuable for trial and error, we, at Outsource2india, will eliminate your concerns with high-quality audio conversion services. It not only cuts down the risk of loss but also assures you the best quality results that last well on the Cloud or other digital storage points.

Outsource audio conversion services to Outsource2india and let us take away a major chunk of your worries by designating professionals with decades of experience to handle the audio conversion at a budget. Our team will turn your old audio and convert it into digital files using advanced audio conversion technology. We use equipment that is advanced and up to date for the process.

Audio Conversion Services We Offer

Your file may have a choppy quality, or the format is outdated, but it won’t matter to us because we use state-of-the-art technology to make your file last longer. So, you can send us your audio file as cassettes, vinyl record, digital audio tape (DAT), or reel-to-reel audio. We’ll convert the file into WAV, AAC, MP3, or more. Our professional audio conversion services include -

  1. Format-to-format Conversion

    Format-to-format Conversion

    As a leading audio conversion service provider, Outsource2india has the skill and knowledge of tools to work with all formats. The popular formats we convert include MP3, AAC, M4A, AC3, FLAC, OGG, WAV, AMR, and WMA. We make sure the converted file is robust and playable without a drop in quality.

  2. Making Old Audio Last

    Making Old Audio Last

    If you are fond of preserving memories and have a library of old records, music, interview recordings, and find it tough to preserve, we have a solution for you. By outsourcing audio conversion services to us, our experts will digitize the old analog files to retain the content in its original quality.

  3. Extraction of Audio from Corrupted Tape

    Extraction of Audio from Corrupted Tape

    If your tape is harmed by moisture content, we fix it using a proprietary audio repair and extraction tool. We repair damages from magnetic influence, dust, and regular wear and tear before converting audio from corrupted tape.

  4. Reel-to-reel Recording Conversion

    Reel-to-reel Recording Conversion

    Not many have the proven expertise to perform reel-to-reel conversion because it is considered a lost skill. But we do have what it takes to help you out. Our audio conversion specialists have the knowledge of tools and mythologies to perform reel-to-reel conversion with precision and care.

  5. Conversion of Digital to Analogue Data

    Conversion of Digital to Analogue Data

    We don’t just flesh out digital signals from analog ones from your audio. We also do it the other way around. We work with a range of audio conversion tools that are customized for each task to fulfill the client’s requirement with ease.

  6. Noise Removal from Recording

    Noise Removal from Recording

    Notice a persistent buzzing that refuses to die out from old audio? Leave to the world’s best audio conversion service providing company, that’s us. We use noise removal technology to eradicate the distracting buzz from the audio file to enrich the audio quality.

  7. Recovery of Audio using Advanced Methods

    Recovery of Audio using Advanced Methods

    As a leading provider of audio conversion services in India, we have the technical expertise to perform advanced audio recovery where we fix voice imperfections, crackle, hiss, unwanted noise, and more. We revive the true quality of your audio file using a frequency editor to avoid the quality from becoming affected.

Our Audio Conversion Process

We use a combination of both traditional and contemporary methods to preserve your old audio. Our versatile approach enables us to combat challenges using the right technology so that the bits of audio aren’t lost during the conversion. Our audio conversion process is highly transparent making it easier for you to retain the audio content in the days to come. We handle the audio conversion services as follows -


01. Accepting Analog Format Files

We accept the audio in analog format through a secure channel, so its content remains confidential


02. Cleaning the Audio on Analogue Tapes/Records

We use the audio cleaning tool to separate audio from all digital noise and distortions in the original file


03. Audio Editing

After the digitization of audio, we will scan the audio for portions that require further cleaning. This is achieved using advanced frequency editing tools where popping noise is eliminated to make audio crispier


04. Soundtrack Pro

Our experts who have an excellent ear for details will carefully listen to the audio to fix harsh notes and other unwanted sounds that are accidentally introduced while recording


05. Quality Check

Our quality control experts will analyze audio segments and check if the quality is on par with the client’s expectation


06. Final Format

We will encode the final output in 32-bit and 44.1kHz in AIFF format so the HD quality is sustained. The format of audio will also be customized according to your needs

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Audio Conversion Services to Outsource2india?

If you are in search of a top audio conversion services provider, your search ends with O2I because we offer both value and quality without affecting the turnaround time. Here are more reasons why you should outsource audio conversion services to O2I -

  • Competitive Prices

    Our quality and rates can’t be matched because we offer the best value without burning a hole in your wallet

  • A Broad List of Formats

    We work with a wide range of file formats. This gives you the incentive to trust our services because we are versatile in what we do

  • Ear-trained Specialists

    Even if the frequencies are off by a bit, our experts will catch the flaw. Our team has excellent ears and are highly attentive to details

  • 24-hour Support

    We offer round-the-clock support to you so that if you have concerns it will be addressed without making you wait

  • High Definition Output

    Our service quality is simply the best and unmatched because we pay extra attention to the quality of work to ensure 100% accuracy

  • Data Privacy Guarantee

    Your personal and business data is confidential and that’s how every member of our teams sees your project. Therefore, we will do what it takes to ensure that your data is safe

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Outsource Audio Conversion Services to Outsource2india


This is FANTASTIC! Really, I am very happy with the result. Your turn-around is great, quality is great, and the price is great also. I will send you hopefully many more videos to edit. I look forward to working together with you and your team. Once again. Fantastic job. I am very pleased.

Real Estate Videographer and Photographer,
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