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Outsource Project Security Measures for Photo Editing

We provide a holistic view to information security and strive to make the outsourcing business more secure, as we understand that trade secrets and intellectual property are the lifeblood of any corporation today. A thorough and comprehensive process to ensure with absolute certainty that sensitive information is protected at all times is not a service option; it's a prerequisite to doing business.

Your photo editing information and data is very important to us, and we understand your concern about keeping it safe. Hence, we make it mandatory for all our employees as well as our clients to sign binding non-disclosure agreements, displaying our commitment to maintaining confidentiality of your data. We also take a step further by making sure all our image editors and CAD professionals are put under rigorous background checks, and our storage and transmission devices are tracked for efficiency and effectiveness.

Image Editing Project Security Measures

Here are a few safeguards we incorporate for your outsourced Image Editing project to ensure that your data is completely protected -

  • Backup - Our data backup equipment is maintained in a secure place, ensuring no information is transmitted without authorization. We also follow a certain check-list procedure to ensure no data is moved off-site
  • Encryption - All email communications, folders and file structure on each workstation utilize state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, and any information shared with the staff is kept confidential
  • Cleanup - Our process also includes destroying your source files once the project is completed, or return it back to you as per the request
  • Sharing - Only scanned copies or electronic source documents are allowed to be shared. We restrict access to original source files

Restricted Access to Employees

In order to prevent unauthorized access and put a check on the information flow outside the premises, we have restricted premise login for all employees, to gain access to workstations and access image source files.

  • Smart card access
  • Single sign-in for all enterprise logins and locking workstations when not in use
  • Network logins with password protection
  • Protective premises login to gain access to workstations
  • Email encryption with electronic signatures
  • Mandatory signing of Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Remote access through VPN Tunnel

Secure VPN and Network Connections

We constantly install the latest security upgrades for our VPN and network connections and monitor those for security against any unwanted access. Our practices to ensure security include -

  • We use a highly encrypted Cisco® VPN tunnel when interfacing with clients offsite
  • We make use of Cisco® Intelligent switches, Cisco® Network Assistant utilities, and a Cisco® PIX® Firewall, which blocks all ports for HTTP, FTP, TCP/IP, UDP and ICMP across our entire network structure

Workstation Security

We also ensure that our internal systems and workstations are completely secure and protected, by incorporating the following safeguards -

  • Anti-virus software installed on all workstations
  • 24 hour security surveillance
  • System auditing and routine monitoring of workstations
  • Backup drive managers
  • Disabling USB ports, CD writers and other such data sharing hardware on workstations

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