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Progress Notes Transcription Services

Outsource Progress Notes Transcription Services

We have consistently helped healthcare specialists to free up their calendar by taking over progress notes transcription and delivering quality transcripts at rates starting at $1280 per FTE per month

During patient visits, recording their progress from the last follow-up will give a measure of their wellbeing. This is crucial for practices and hospitals to offer the best patient care. But not every establishment is sufficiently equipped to transcribe progress notes for future purposes. This only increases the workload of consulting physicians and the risk of inadvertent errors in entry and spellings that would hinder the experience that a patient is in for. So the best way to optimize practice performance is to outsource progress notes services to Outsource2india. This eases their effort and allows physicians to focus on the patient while we handle progress notes transcription. When you choose to work with a progress notes services providing company like ours, you're reassured of accurate transcription that'll instill trust in patients and allow hospitals to pass on greater benefits to the patients.

Over the last 25 years, Outsource2india has tracked successful efforts to seize the title as the best provider of progress notes services in India. Our achievement came sooner as we offered our progress notes transcription services at a never-before rate and quality that supersedes every other solution. Today we take pride in being the best progress notes service provider that caters to clients in the West and East.

Progress Notes Transcription Services We Offer

We've perused our goal to become the best progress notes transcription service providing company, and have been reasonably successful in our endeavor. Today, we see a strong future which we aim to achieve by providing the following services -

  1. Transcription of Short Progress Notes

    Transcription of Short Progress Notes

    It resembles a mini-history and physical format where heading may be a similar but shallow description of the observations made by the physicians. Our team is qualified in medical shorthand and has exceptional awareness of terminologies that would help them catch up with the physician's dictation pace. This will have a profound effect by increasing their ability to see more patients per day and cover even more in a week.

  2. Transcription of Patient Progress Notes in Single Paras

    Transcription of Patient Progress Notes in Single Paras

    Concision is the key to doubling consultations and increasing revenue. Our team can transcribe progress notes in single paras or sentences to shrink the time spent on revaluating the coded transcript. If you thought instant transcription of audio was no big deal, wait until you see a spike in patient visits. As you become forced to transcribe more progress notes, often for minor follow-ups, it's better to be prepared with speed.

  3. Transcription of Progress Notes using SOAP Note Format

    Transcription of Progress Notes using SOAP Note Format

    If you want detailed but professional progress notes transcription done with abbreviations on subjective, objective, assessment, and plan, then we'll offer you a detailed version of the examination of lab data and patient's condition, including described and observed symptoms. Being a top progress notes services company, we take no chance with quality.

Progress Notes Transcription Process We Follow

By outsourcing progress notes services it doesn't become an item that you should be tracking during your practice hours. With our extra bandwidth, we will relieve your professionals to pay more heed to the patient concerns than backend functions. Our process is as follows -


We engage the clients to understand their needs and capture the data through secure FTP


The project briefs will be prepared and submitted as a proposal for their approval


Once approved, we will take it further by mapping transcription duties to qualified people


We will commence live transcription of progress notes via an app whenever the consultant logs in


The speech captured will be evaluated in detail to ensure accuracy


QA experts evaluate the transcripts to ensure the correctness of abbreviation and codes


The transcripts are returned to the physician in the format of their choice

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Outsource Progress Notes Transcription Services to Outsource2india?

Outsourcing progress notes services to O2I ultimately improves patient care. As the providers of progress notes transcription services in India, we take over the repetitive roles where there is a strong need for dedication and precision. Here are the merits of working with us -

  • Certified Progress Notes Transcription Services Company

    Outsource2india is a HIPAA and ISO 9001:2015 certified progress notes transcription service providing company known for undue compliance to HIPAA and ISO standards.

  • Data Security

    From our end, we take the best measures to keep your data safe and out of reach from unauthorized people. We also don't share your data with third-party service providers.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    We are quite particular about the quality and take steps towards ensuring transcripts are accurate and consistent for document management and decision making.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    You'll find our rates appealing because our solutions are customizable to your liking. We do not charge our clients for services they didn't need in the first place.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    We use modern technology to accomplish the results exactly required by the client. We take excellent measures to ensure proper governance.

  • Short Turnaround

    We are agile in every possible way. Our tight turnaround time makes you want to trust us in delivering finished transcripts to move on to the next patient batches.

  • Scalability

    Our projects are scalable and we take great care to give you options to scale on demand.

  • Experienced Team of Progress Notes Transcription Agents, Project Managers, IT Personnel

    We have a highly trained team of transcriptionists who use the latest transcription tools to complete tasks within the specified timeline.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    You can reach our support staff by any means possible. Be it a phone call, email, or webchat, we respond swiftly and are accountable for all communications with you.

Client Success Stories

Case Study on Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Outsource2india's team of audio transcription professionals transcribed and translated audio content for a reputed US-based healthcare services provider in English and Spanish languages.

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Case Study on Medical Transcription Services Delivered to a Doctor in Australia

Medical Transcription Services Delivered to a Doctor in Australia

We offered precise audio transcription support to a physician in Australia. Close to 100 audio files of varying lengths were transcribed at a moment's notice. The successful outcome of this project helped us score more transcription projects.

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I am very impressed at the ease and the speed of the dictation service. They worked to my schedule and delivered well. I am very happy with the quality of the dictation work. Bernard (Sales Manager) was always prompt with replying as well as professional at all times. I would highly recommend this service to my clients and my colleagues. I am very happy with the quality of the dictation work and look forward to working with Outsource2india in the future.

Dr. Alan Lim,
Independent Doctor
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Outsource Progress Notes Transcription Services to O2I

Outsource2india is a dependable provider of progress notes transcription services in India with a service network spread across 140+ nations worldwide. Our staunch commitment to providing great client experiences via transcription services makes us a trusted partner for hospitals, clinics, and major healthcare facilities. Clients who have outsourced progress notes transcription services have only had high praises for our effort. With over 180+ projects under the belt, we are innovating steadfastly to reach and serve customers with accountability. Our reasonably priced services bring meaningful results to all your needs in no time.

If you want an instant transcription of progress notes records, get in touch with us. We will provide a quick quote.

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