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Medical Transcription Services Delivered To A Doctor In Australia

Case Study on Medical Transcription Services Delivered To A Doctor In Australia

The Customer

Our customer is an independent doctor practicing medicine in Australia. The doctor was looking for accurate, high-quality and quick audio transcription services.

The Challenge

Our customer had recorded several general interviews with his colleagues. Owing to his busy schedule, he needed the audio recordings to be transcribed within a very short turnaround time and wanted them to be delivered urgently.

The length of each audio file was different, ranging from 2 to 3 minutes for the smallest file to about 45 minutes for the longest file. There were about 100 such audio files that were required to be transcribed quickly.

The key specifications of this project were:

  • Very short turnaround time
  • High accuracy level of transcription work
  • High-quality of overall work and project execution

How We Met the Challenge

We provided accurate audio transcription services to our customer at competitive rates. The doctor appreciated the competitive rates that we offered and decided to avail our transcription services. We provided the service from one of our international delivery center, which had the expertise and resources for the successful completion of this transcription project. In the past we had delivered audio transcription services from the same center to other customers as well.

We put together a team of three audio transcription experts who had the requisite skills and experience to work on such a project. These three audio transcription experts were dedicated to this project, working full-time with no other commitments.

The team ensured that all the audio files were transcribed within a quick turnaround time of 2 days. The accuracy level of the completed work was very high and the quality of work was excellent, as confirmed by the customer.

What the Customer Gained

Our customer's demands were very stringent but we were able to deliver the desired services. The customer benefited from our vast experience in the transcription domain, besides the technical expertise of our transcriptionists and the huge cost savings that we offered.

We have a large and varied resource pool available at our delivery centers located in strategic locations across the globe. We were able to leverage this for the project.

The specific benefits to the customer were:

  • High accuracy of the transcribed files
  • Top quality work overall
  • Demand for very short turnaround time met
  • Very economical rates resulting in huge cost savings
  • Project deliverables exceeding customer expectations

Our customer was delighted with our audio transcription services and expressed his satisfaction by giving us more audio files to transcribe. He is now a regular customer.

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