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Outsource University Transcription Services

Are you looking to transcribe your university-related media files? Are you looking for a transcription partner who can comprehend the importance of an academic research record? If so, Outsource2india is the right transcription partner who will ensure you a speedy delivery and accurately transcribed files. Outsource2india has been providing transcription services to a number of universities all over the globe for over 18 years now. Furthermore, we have experience in transcriptions that range from subjects related to medicine, engineering, finance, banking and fine arts.

We hold a very experienced team of transcriptionists who have performed transcriptions in various topics related to audiences of varying age groups. We have transcribed audio and video recordings on seminars, classroom lectures and research presentations. Choose Outsource2india as your university transcription service partner and get access to accurate services at a cost-effective price.

Outsource2india's university transcription services

The following is a list of some of the university transcription services that we provide to our customers:

  • Seminar transcription
  • Viva-verse transcription
  • Research report transcription
  • Conference transcriptions
  • Question and answer session transcription
  • Thesis transcription
  • Classroom lecture transcription
  • Focus group study transcription
  • Journal articles transcription
  • Academic article transcription
  • Academic symposia transcription

Why outsource university transcription services to Outsource2india?

At Outsource2india we value your time immensely; we are known for our shortest delivery timeframes in the transcription industry. Alongside the quantity of transcription we pay equal importance to the quality of the output. Every transcription process is followed by two rounds of quality check where our quality team rectifies any errors or shortcomings in the output quality.

We can receive your input in a variety of audio formats like .wav, .mp3 etc and a variety of video formats like .mpeg, .dat, .vid etc. These media files could be sent to us by mail, e-mail or can be uploaded to our secure server through FTP. The output files will either be e-mailed or can be downloaded from the FTP server. The data upload and download methods are encrypted to provide additional security to your crucial data.

Outsource2india- Your ideal university transcription partner

Some of the benefits of outsourcing university research transcription services to Outsource2india include:

  • State-of-the-art university transcription methodology
  • Highly customized university transcription packages to suit your budget requirements
  • Special discounts on high transcription volumes
  • Support for a wide variety of audio formats like .wav, .mp3, .aac and .rm.
  • Support for a wide variety of video formats like .mpeg, .dat, .vid etc
  • Support for a wide variety of output formats like .doc, .pmd. .frm, AtlasTi etc
  • Highly secure data upload and download methods
  • High degree of confidentiality of your proprietary data
  • Petite delivery timeframes
  • Lucrative pricing schemes; much lesser than the others in the transcription industry
  • Unmatched output quality and accuracy as a result of our strong quality checking process

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