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Outsource University Transcription Services

University Transcription Services

Universities have a vast amount of university-related media files - both academic and official. Whether it is a Seminar, Viva, Conference, or a classroom session, these media files need to reach a much wider audience to have a universal appeal. There is a huge need for accurate and economically priced transcription across global universities.

O2I has been providing transcription services to several universities all over the globe. With over 25 years of transcription experience, Outsource2india is the right transcription partner who will ensure speedy delivery and accurately transcribed files. Our experience in University transcription services ranges from subjects related to medicine, engineering, finance, banking and fine arts.

Services We Offer

Our experienced team of transcriptionists handles various topics related to audiences of varying age groups and faculties from universities. We have transcribed audio and video recordings on seminars, classroom lectures and research presentations which are accurate and at cost-effective price.

The following is a list of university transcription services that we provide to our customers -

  • Seminar Transcription
  • Viva-verse Transcription
  • Research Report Transcription
  • Conference Transcriptions
  • Question and Answer Session Transcription
  • Thesis Transcription
  • Classroom Lecture Transcription
  • Focus Group Study Transcription
  • Journal Articles Transcription
  • Academic Article Transcription
  • Academic Symposia Transcription
  • Student Transcription

Five-step Transcription Process We Follow

Outsource2india follows a basic five-step transcription process -

Upload Files

Upload file that needs to be transcribed on a secure FTP

Initiate Transcription

Once the file is received, we start working on the files, and then the files are converted to text by professional transcribers

Quality Check

Transcribed files are thoroughly checked for accuracy

Upload Transcribed Files

Files uploaded back on the secure FTP for download

Execute Changes

If changes are suggested by the client, entire process repeated to end-result is achieved

Benefits of Outsourcing University Transcription Services to O2I

Some of the benefits of outsourcing university research transcription services to Outsource2india include -

  • Tried and Tested Methodology

    • Stringent transcription process
    • Three-stage quality checking process
    • 99% output quality and accuracy
    • Short delivery timeframes
  • Flexible and Cost-effective Pricing

    • Customized university transcription packages to match budgetary requirements
    • Specialized discounts on large transcription volumes
    • Lucrative pricing scheme; competitive in the transcription industry
  • Support on Various Formats

    • Audio formats like .WAV, .MP3, .AAC AND .RM
    • Video formats like .MPEG, .DAT, .VID etc.
    • Output formats like .DOC, .PMD. .FRM, AtlasTi etc.
  • High Level of Data Security

    • Highly secure data upload and download methods
    • High degree of confidentiality of proprietary data
12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience
Quick Ramp-Up & Scale-Down options

Choose Outsource2india for Quality University Transcription Services

At Outsource2india we understand that global universities should have support structures like transcription services. Over the past decade, O2I has worked with some of the world’s top universities and is known for short delivery timeframes in the transcription industry. Every transcription file leaving O2I is thoroughly checked for quality and contains near-zero errors. With a command on multiple subjects - Outsource2india is the ideal transcription partner where speed, delivery, and accuracy are evident in every transcribed file and at cost-effective pricing.

Contact us, if you are looking to partner with us for outsourcing university transcription services.

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