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Outsource Oral History Interview Transcription

What Are Oral History Interviews?

One of the most effective ways to relive a particular moment, event, or human memories even after many years is through oral history interviews. It is the historical collection of memorable or important families, personalities and interviews or special moments of life, captured on video, audio or in text.

The way things are said, and the exact wordings used by an individual are important in determining the meaning behind an anecdote or a given story. Particularly in emotional situations, oral history interviews represent a lot about the concerned individuals. These interviews provide an in-depth look at the way, the subject was perceived and talked about in a given time period.

It is a powerful tool for recording and saving historical information about individuals, important events, or a certain period in history, for future reference.

Oral History Interview Transcription or Just Audio/Video Capture

Oral History Interviews can be preserved for a lifetime by recording them in audiotapes, videotapes or transcribing them in text format. Video and audio may not be the most effective formats to store this information, especially if:

  • You plan to write a book or prepare a speech using oral history interviews
  • Your oral history interviews are supposed to be a part of larger collection of data
  • You have a number of such interviews that need to be reviewed and processed en masse

In short, when dealing with bulk data, it's always better and effective to have interviews transcribed into a text format.

Outsource2india offers comprehensive transcription services for oral history interviews performed as part of a collection and can be used as the basis for lectures, books, TV and radio programs. Moreover, it can be used to simply transcribe a particularly powerful speech given by an important individual in your life, a thought leader, a spiritual guru or a parent.

Benefits of Outsourcing Oral History Interview Transcription

Outsourcing your oral history interview transcriptions to a professional, ensures that the exact verbatim exchanges between interviewer and interviewee are recorded accurately. Moreover, outsourcing companies use high quality recording equipment to ensure that the wording and diction of a speech is preserved with utmost clarity for future reference.

By hiring an offshore team to handle your oral history interview transcription, you ensure high accuracy in your transcriptions, as your transcriptionists will have a great deal of experience and regular training on modern research and journalism techniques. They ensure that your transcription is properly processed to match your specifications.

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
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Why Choose O2I for Oral History Interview Transcription?

Outsource2india is not just a regular transcription outsourcing company. We bring in a lot more to the table.

  • We have been working with researchers, journalists and individuals for years to provide exceptionally high quality transcriptions of audio and video content
  • We can process any modern file format
  • We have exceptionally fast turnaround time
  • We have strict quality guidelines to assure optimum quality, and follow-up with each project repeatedly to ensure it is done as per the standards
  • With top tier security protocols in place, we ensure your files are protected and any data provided to us for transcription is only used and seen by professional transcriptionists assigned for your project
  • Our staff is highly trained to recognize and record modern English idioms and different dialects, and can process accents rapidly to ensure accuracy in everything that is written

Outsource transcription services for oral interviews to us today and avail initial free trial.

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