Minutes of Meeting Transcription Services

Minutes of Meeting Transcription Services

Stop overloading yourself with note-taking and offshore minutes of meeting transcriptions to us. We can individualize our affordable plans to help you become efficient

Is your meeting becoming less productive with inefficient follow-up strategy? Are you spending more time behind the desk fumbling with minutes of meeting transcriptions? If yes, turn to expert transcriptionists who can realign your unsystematic transcription approach. Expert minutes of meeting transcription services provider can quickly transcribe the right information so that you can focus on collaboration and decision making in a meaningful way.

At Outsource2india, we have the technology and capability to carry out flawless minutes of meeting transcription services that are accurate and reliable for your business. We are based out of India and offer flexibly priced business transcription services that your business needs. By outsourcing minutes of meeting transcription services to O2I, you can save the time and money spent on the legwork.

Minutes of Meeting Transcription Services We offer

Offshore minutes of meeting transcription services to O2I and leave your concerns behind. We exploit our proven approach to ensure that outsourcing minutes of meeting transcription services is a complete success. Our strategy is to customize the service to enhance the readability of your meeting minutes. The minutes of meeting transcription services offered by O2I includes -

  1. Transcription of Meeting Overview

    Transcription of Meeting Overview

    Want to have the general details recorded? Then we can offer transcription of meeting overview that includes capturing attendees' information, date & location of the meeting, officiator name, and the meeting type. All that at an unbelievable rate.

  2. Transcription of Agenda

    Transcription of Agenda

    We can transcribe the allotted time and presenter details. Additionally, transcription of discussions and comments (if any) are also possible by choosing outsourcing minutes of meeting transcription services to us. At O2I, we can provide verbatim transcription services that you can depend upon anytime, anywhere.

  3. Transcription of Action Points

    Transcription of Action Points

    If your meeting includes actionable agenda, we can transcribe the priority items according to your preference. With our minutes of meeting transcription services, you will never have to worry about recalling attendees who were tasked to report from the previous meeting. Our transcription format represents information in an itemized manner with clarity so that decisions can be made in no time.

  4. Transcription of Assignments

    Transcription of Assignments

    If your meetings include deadlines and priority tasks, we can transcribe the same in a professional way so that you need not scroll back or shuffle through documents to recall valuable assignments.

  5. Transcription of Unplanned Topics

    Transcription of Unplanned Topics

    If your meeting includes unplanned discussions, we will transcribe the impromptu topics as it is so that it will help you to consider ideas at the time when important decisions are to be taken.

Transcription Samples

Delve into our transcription portfolio and you will be staggered by amazing transcription samples -




Interviewer: We are talking with Jenny. So what is your current occupation?

Interviewee: I am an assistant director [???] basically [???].

Interviewer: And so how long you have been in this particular position?

Interviewee: I am in this particular position - it has been 4 years.

Interviewer: Are you able to briefly describe your work or career history to date?

Interviewee: My career has been, it initially started with a lot of clinical roles in very different areas of specialization within the nursing [???] industry and [???] plastics [???] to whole different variety and then I moved into rehabs. I was [???] for 15 years and then basically moved into management role when I was 26 and had been working in the management role for the last 27 years and yeah, about 20 years I have been working in management, and basically did a rehab degree in rehab counseling, which I think played a [???], so [???] sort of varying delay in some respects from the traditional clinical role of nursing.

Interviewer: Yeah, sort of I guess first thing [???] broadly speaking, why did you choose to go into nursing?

Interviewee: Because I was paid to train and employed at the same time. In the 70s, things were very different in [???] of jobs and employment...

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience
Quick Ramp-Up & Scale-Down options

Minutes of Meeting Transcription Process We Follow

Being trusted minutes of meeting services provider, the minutes of meeting transcription services are carried out by O2I in a seamless manner. Perhaps, we insist all our clients have a closer look at our process as an effort to maintain service transparency. In this way, you can learn how we handle your needs in a professional way. Our minutes of meeting transcription process are as follows -

Recording Audio  

01. Recording the Audio

The audio recording of the meeting can be captured using a high-quality recording device. Your meetings can be recorded in any quality and format of your choice

File Transmission  

02. File Transmission Process

The recorded audio of meetings can be transmitted to us via the SFTP. Alternatively, you can upload files on the Cloud

Minutes of Meeting Transcription  

03. Minutes of Meeting Transcription

We will carefully analyze the accent by listening to phonetics. The minutes of meeting transcription will we completed as accurately as possible

Quality Checks  

04. Quality Checks

After meeting minutes transcription services, the quality checks will be performed to ensure that the transcription is verbatim and accurate

Delivery of Transcribed Files Records  

05. Delivery of Transcribed Files and Reports

We will report back to clients after completing the QA analysis of the transcription. The finished transcriptions can be sent via SFTP or other methods you prefer

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Minutes of Meeting Transcription Services to Outsource2india?

At Outsource2india, we see every challenge as an opportunity. Our experience in the transcription service dates back two decades. With a thorough understanding of your concerns, we can transcribe your meeting minutes with unmatched accuracy. The top reasons why you should outsource minutes of meeting transcription services to us include -

  • Certified Minutes of Meeting Transcription Company

    Outsource2india is ISO 9001:2015 accredited provider of minutes of meeting transcription services in India. We can offer the best cost-performance benefits that no other companies can.

  • Data Security

    At O2I, we proactively safeguard your confidential data to prevent unauthorized access and its modification in a highly insecure digital ambit. Our data management practice is ISO/IEC 27001:2013 accredited. Therefore, you can trust us to handle your data with absolute diligence.

  • High Accuracy and Quality Service

    Outsource2india uses sophisticated proofreading software to accomplish 100% accuracy in the minutes of meeting transcription. Our goal is to deliver transcriptions that are easy to read and influence decisions.

  • Short Turnaround

    We deliver finished transcriptions 50% faster than other transcription services provider. This is because we have a large team and work in an organized manner even when the requirement scales up or down. Our delivery times are further shrunk with technological capability and shrewdness in compliances.

  • Scalability

    Your minutes of meeting transcription requirements can be scaled to any proportions. And we can work with agility while retaining the quality so that you are always ahead in time to serve your clients.

  • Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    Can't decide upon the service volume? We can help you customize the service at budget-friendly rates. Just get in touch with our agents to ensure that minutes of meeting transcriptions are customized to your needs and budget. In this way, you can spend less and see more benefits.

  • Single-point Contact

    It is easy to get the information you seek. Working with us involves fewer efforts because we assign a project assistant at the outset of every new project. Therefore our agent will be readily available when you need to reach us. Get quick information on the estimated delivery time and the project with no efforts.

  • Experienced Team of Transcriptionists, Proofing Experts, and Project Leads

    We have a team of 500+ transcriptionists with 10+ years of cross-specialty competence. With this skill, you are less likely to face delays. Our professionals have several hundred hours of experience in minutes of meeting transcription as well as other transcription tasks.

  • Modern Infrastructure

    The technology and physical infrastructure at Outsource2india are mind-blowing because we upgrade our infrastructure at planned intervals to be ready for transcription assignments of any complexity. Our infrastructure promotes risk-free and reliable transcription of minutes of meeting in any format of your choice.

  • Secure Data Exchange

    If you felt the need for stronger security for your files during transmission, we have you covered. We share equal concerns with you when it comes to data security and confidentiality. Therefore, our data exchange process is fast and secure because we use SFTP and VPN.

  • Round-the-clock Availability

    We can be contacted irrespective of the difference in time zones. This is because we have several global delivery centers that operate out of India, the Philippines, the USA, and Europe. Our contact center agents are available 24/7/365 basis to take your orders as well as to offer service assistance.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

Outsource2india Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

O2I transcribed close to nine hours of mock audio using a combination of technology and skill. Our team succeeded in finishing transcriptions with an accuracy of 95% within 72 hours.

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O2I Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Outsource2india Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Within 42 hours O2I transcribed nine hours of audio for a US-based client. With the success of the project, the client vowed to spread the word about their success and outsource future needs.

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Running an online community for business women part-time alongside a full-time business means I'm very busy. Outsource2india.com has translated my podcasts flawlessly. They are quick and accurate which saves me time and money. I recommend them to any small business in need of administrative assistance.

Online Community site for women
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Outsource Minutes of Meeting Transcription Services to O2I - Transcription Experts

The minutes of meeting transcription services from O2I is a widely preferred choice to have business transcriptions completed at blazing speeds. When you choose Outsource2india as your transcription partner, we will spare you from the hassle of hiring a dedicated person to jot down and transcribe minutes of meeting. With our help underway, you can double your savings and shorten the time spent on decision-making. With 24 years of industry presence, we have emerged as a leading transcription services provider whom our clients look up to with confidence. Now, it's your turn to partner with us.

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