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Outsource Transcription Process Automation

Instant transcription may at times become extremely crucial for physicians, medical staff and other users. In times like these, the whole cycle of traditional transcription may not be handy, as it is time consuming; even a quick turnaround transcription service may not suffice as it may take few hours to deliver. This is where O2I's automated transcription service comes in, to give you that extra edge.

Transcription Process Automation Is Nascent

It's like a typical man vs. machine scenario, where the machine is trying to perceive human voice with its limited capability. Voice transcription software usually gives decent output, but it may not be accurate in few scenarios. If atrocious words are used or human pronunciation fluctuates a lot, then the automatic software may face problem in correctly translating the transcript and may record the closest sounding word; at times, with unprecedented errors.

So, automation software alone is not the gateway to correct transcripts, and you need human expertise along with it to get perfect transcripts. This is where O2I's transcription service pitches in; it steps in as the human aspect of the automation software to give you the exactness and quality you need in your important documents.

O2I's Automated Transcription Services

Due to the failure of most transcription tools, users are reluctant to utilize them. O2I doesn't treat these automated transcripts or transcription software as a no-good-process; rather it perceives these to be automated tools which become part of O2I's transcription team. At O2I we see them as resources that do half of the job for us, quicker than any other human resource. This perception and approach makes us better equipped to use these software intelligently along with human intervention and deliver instant automated transcripts.

O2I Recommends Befriending Transcription Automation Tools

The first thing is to choose a popular transcription process automation tool, like transcription tool in Adobe's Creative Suite or Dragon's Naturally Speaking personal dictation software. Then start using the tool and let it understand your phonetics and style. This automated process may take some time, but slowly you would get accustomed to its ways and eventually get better transcript. Though this process is a bit annoying and time consuming initially, but it's worthwhile if you are looking for automated and faster transcriptions in the longer run.

O2I is Automated Transcription Software Aware

O2I works on most of the automated transcription process and software, and this helps us to clearly understand the way each one of them works and delivers the output. This helps us better equipped in easily and quickly fixing all the mistakes in the automated transcripts.

O2I's Automated Transcription Process

We have an elaborate transcription process to provide error-free transcripts to our clients within promised deadline, it is:

Client Sends

Automated transcripts along with the voice recording to us
The voice
Team at O2I scans the entire transcript for errors and clean it up as per our relevant quality standards
Team at O2I uses
automated tools
to generate a
quick transcript


Passes through the whole process of quality analysis and error handling audits
Final Transcript sent back to the client

This entire process with our unique work approach becomes extremely fast; almost instantaneous.

Outsource Your Automated Transcription Service to O2I

Outsource2india has an experienced team of automated transcription software experts, phonetic experts, transcriptionists, proofreaders, automated transcription tools and support staff among others. To top it all, our unique approach towards using automated transcripts makes us better equipped to deliver high quality automated transcripts immediately.

By outsourcing your transcription requirements to Outsource2india, you get assured high-quality transcripts within deadline at affordable costs. Contact us for your requirements today!

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