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Outsource Conference Call Transcription Services

You've just finished a one hour conference call with a potential customer along with a handful of members from your team. Things are looking good and you might just be on your way to closing a big deal.

Later when you are reviewing points that you have taken down during the call, you realize you have missed a few important concerns that the prospect has raised. You cross check with your colleagues to review their notes on the conference call, but still you aren't able to find the points discussed anywhere else. Though this might sound farfetched, it still happens. And it might make or break a deal.

The need for transcribing conference calls

Conference calls are no longer an alternative to face-to-face meetings. With companies cutting costs across the board, conference calls have emerged as a cost- effective way to communicate with prospects, customers and other stakeholders associated with your company.

Conference call transcripts are a converted version of phone calls into a variety of text formats which can act as a permanent record, while also making it easy to review and share it with all the parties involved.

Let's go back to the earlier scenario. After your call with the prospect, you have a complete textual transcript of everything that was discussed during the call. You review and make notes and add comments to all the important points that were discussed. You then share it with other decision makers in your company and then later go on to acquire that big ticket customer!

Outsource2india's conference call transcription services

Outsource2india, a pioneer in outsourced services, has worked with diverse companies across the globe in providing accurate conference and phone call transcription services. Our team of qualified transcriptionists can assist you in transcribing a variety of conference calls into text formats whilst giving you the cost advantage that outsourcing and India have to offer. Our conference call transcription services cover:

  1. Client meetings
  2. Sales presentations
  3. Project meetings
  4. Training classes
  5. Team review sessions

You could send us the recorded audio via email or upload it on your own server. We will then download and convert them into a text format of your choice. We will later re-upload them onto your server where you can review them. All this can take between 12 – 48 hours depending on the priority and nature of your need.

Why should you partner with Outsource2india?

Conference calls transcription not only captures all the information from important phone calls but also saves you the time needed to invest in the tedious conversion process. You'd much rather focus on the call with the assurance that you'll have all the important information ready for review after those important conference calls and web meetings.

Outsource2india brings its expertise in transcription services and outsourcing, having worked with global customers for over 20 years now. Our initial effort will be in working with you to understand your business needs and then your project needs. Based on the scope of your need, we will assign resources to work on your assignment.

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