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Thesis Transcription Services

Outsource Thesis Transcription Services

Convert data from all audio-visual file formats captured during live lectures, keynotes, and academic interviews into high-quality text for your thesis starting at ¢75 per audio/video minute

The merit of a thesis is defined by the quantity and quality of research involved and the data sources used. Most of the time, these data/information sources are obtained in formats different from text through recorded lectures, presentations, conferences, and more. Burdening yourself with the tedious task of transcribing information from such sources isn't the smart way to go, but trusting a professional certainly is. If you need a thesis transcription services providing company that has been in business for years, has catered to a wide range and variety of thesis subjects, and has consistently delivered in terms of performance and professionalism, you've landed on the right page.

O2I is one of the most trusted providers of thesis transcription services in India and has a track record of maintaining over 99% accuracy in every single project we deliver. Join hands with O2I today and avail of its complete range of thesis transcription services.

Thesis Transcription Services We Offer

Thesis transcription is not just about typing out random information from an audio or audio-video file. It involves various aspects that need to be catered to with precision, experience, and professional understanding of a thesis. O2I is a thesis transcription services company that predominantly specializes in providing the following range of thesis transcription services and solutions -

  1. Audio/Video Thesis Transcription

    Audio/Video Thesis Transcription

    Every thesis needs to be dealt with a unique approach according to the subject matter, amount of information, and types of data sources at hand. At O2I, we offer thesis transcription services to cover your varied needs including verbatim, phonetic, edited, and intelligent transcriptions.

  2. Audio/Video Dissertation Transcription

    Audio Video Dissertation Transcription

    If there's your submission requires greater emphasis and detail on the research part than a thesis, it is a dissertation. Our experts at O2I have enough experience to take the transcription burden off your shoulders so that you can focus on keeping your research meticulous and data flexible across all file formats.

  3. Proofreading Thesis/Dissertation Transcripts

    Proofreading Thesis/Dissertation Transcripts

    For those of you who already have rough drafts of transcripts but need professional assistance to achieve high accuracy, consistency, and correctness in your thesis, O2I's adept proofreading team is here for you. We provide professional editing and proofreading solutions for thesis transcripts to ensure every word in your transcript is correct.

  4. Formatting and Organizing

    Formatting and Organizing

    Our formatting solutions include proper alignment, headlining, underlining, bolding, and highlighting wherever required. We also take care of organizing the material of the transcripts by adding indexes, numbering to pages, and adding headers and footers, and more.

  5. Prompts and Interpretation

    Prompts and Interpretation

    Converting the transcripts into a well-documented thesis without a systematic flow or framework can be tedious. We make your work easier by offering prompts and interpretation solutions whereby we sort, arrange and organize your transcripts in an order that best connotes your thesis's core message without paraphrasing or changing the meaning of the file in any way.

Thesis Transcription Process We Follow

Our thesis transcription methodology is characterized by being thorough with our client's objective requirements from the thesis and maintaining the highest level of accuracy while ensuring that those requirements are met. Here's the step-by-step procedure we follow to deliver -


01. Client Brief

To ensure the transcribing process goes smoothly, we take time to understand the concept, structural ideas, and core message of our client's thesis


02. Receiving and Sorting Audio/Video Files

After thorough discussions on the brief, we collect all the audio/video files and sort them according to the placement of their data in the thesis transcript


03. Transcription

Then follows the process of transcription where our team dedicatedly goes through every sentence, word, pause, and even emphasis in your data files and converts it into text


04. Formatting

Without editing out, paraphrasing, or adding anything extra to the data recorded in the clients' files, we format and organize the transcripts to make them easier to navigate through


05. Finalizing and Sending Transcript

Finally, we go through the material once again and proofread the formatted transcripts to ensure every piece of information is put in its right place, in the right context before sending it to the clients in the format of their choice

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Is O2I the Best Thesis Transcription Service Provider for Your Project?

Your thesis is a large body of text that is supposed to encapsulate your research, ideas, and thoughts around a core message. To make sure that message is not lost and all data is seamlessly converted to text, there are several factors you need to consider while outsourcing thesis transcription services to a professional. Check out some of the salient features that make us one of the best in the market -

  • Cost-effective Rates

    We offer thesis transcription services at affordable rates. Take advantage of our options to customize the solution to your exact needs.

  • 100% Confidentiality and Security

    We value the efforts you put in to keep your research and data for your thesis exclusive. That is why we take complete responsibility for keeping your files, data, and transcripts confidential, safe, and secure.

  • Accuracy Guaranteed

    Over the past 25 years of being a leading thesis transcription services brand in the industry, we have gained a stellar reputation for our consistent accuracy of over 99%. With O2I, you can rest assured that your transcript will be correct, word-by-word, punctuation-by-punctuation.

  • Quality Checks

    A thesis transcript that lacks quality defeats the entire purpose of outsourcing thesis transcription services. To maintain the accuracy that we guarantee, the formatting that we promise, and the consistency that we assure, we conduct two rounds of free proofreading of the transcripts before submission.

  • All File Formats Supported

    Our objective is to help you save time and hassles. Therefore, we accept all types of data sources -- analog or digital -- and all file formats right from outdated cassette tapes, MP3 formats, videos, to the present-day PDF and HTML files, among others. We have tools and equipment for all your data types.

  • End-to-end Data Tracking

    Keeping track of the information you submit to us and the placement of the right data in the right sequence is essential to thesis transcription. Our specialized document flow management system digitizes the entire process and helps us keep your data in check.

  • Fast Turnaround Time

    Along with every thesis topic comes a timeline and we understand that you would need your transcriptions ready well in time to prepare your final submission. With O2I, you will never have to worry about delays or deadlines as we work according to your preferred turn-around time and always deliver as we commit.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Top Utah-based Telecom Company

Outsource2india Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Top Utah-based Telecom Company

A leading telecommunications client from the US needed accurate voice transcription services. Our expert team offered high-quality services, exceeding the client's expectations.

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O2I Provided Bilingual Focus Group Transcription Services with Great Accuracy

O2I Provided Bilingual Focus Group Transcription Services with Great Accuracy

We were contacted for transcription and translation of files in English and Spanish languages. Our team of language experts transcribed the project within 5 days with an accuracy rate of 98%.

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Running an online community for business women part time alongside a full time business, means I'm very busy.Outsource2india.com has translated my podcasts flawlessly. They are quick and accurate which saves me time and money. I recommend them to any small business in need of administrative assistance.

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Outsource Thesis Transcription Services to O2I

The way important information from data sources like conferences, interviews, audio-visual recordings, and others is incorporated in a thesis is determinative of the direction of the thesis. At O2I, we emphasize not just the accuracy of the academic transcription you need, but also the purpose of your thesis and adapt our procedures accordingly. Whether it is a strictly verbatim transcription you want or an intelligent, edited one, our team is equipped with all the necessary experience and equipment.

Trust only the best and contact us today to outsource thesis transcription services.

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