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Transcription Services Pricing Structure

Transcription - Pricing Structure Audio Transcription
Starts at
75 Cents
per audio/video minute
Transcription - Pricing Structure Video Transcription
Starts at
75 Cents
per audio/video minute

At Outsource2india, our Transcription Services are characterized by a speed, accuracy and precision that very few of our competitors can hope to match. Various global enterprises have greatly benefited from our cost-effective transcription services, including expertise in the following -

Our transcription services have a very flexible and transparent pricing structure. This is further bolstered by a delivery process which ensures that your content is transcribed, and delivered within extremely short turnaround times, resulting in substantial cost savings for your business.

Pricing Options

Our transcription charges are highly affordable and start from -

USD 42 per audio hour (75 cents / min) : For Audio Transcription

USD 50 per video hour (75 cents / min) : For Video Transcription

USD 13 per sheet for a lead music sheet : For Music Transcription

USD 15 per sheet for a piano solo music sheet : For Music Transcription

USD 15 per sheet for any solo musical instrument : For Music Transcription

USD 25 per sheet for a guitar music sheet with lyrics and chord : For Music Transcription

USD 30 per sheet for a piano-vocal music sheet : For Music Transcription

USD 30 per sheet for any instrument lead : For Music Transcription

USD 35 per sheet for piano-vocal music sheet with lyrics : For Music Transcription

In case you require transcription services for more than 3000 minutes, contact us and take advantage of our special high volume rates.

Factors Which Influence Our Pricing

We consider several factors while deciding our pricing structure, such as -

Type of Work

The nature of work required can vary from project to project, as a result of which pricing adjustments might be necessitated. Some factors considered by us include:

  • Industry Trends: Pricing varies in cases where the transcriptionist is required to have prior knowledge about industry specific trends
  • Industry Related Practices: In certain cases, where a unique understanding of definite industry practices is required, our pricing will vary accordingly
  • Jargon: Any jargon present in the recording will require specialized services, and therefore affect the pricing

Work Complexity

The overall complexity of work is always taken into account before we can provide you with an accurate pricing quote. Several factors are considered for the best quote, including -

  • Accent: Based on different speech patterns/accents, our pricing can vary
  • Clarity of Voice: Voice clarity in a recording can generally vary, and directly affects the pricing structure
  • Background Noise: The presence of heavy background sounds/noise, can often require additional editing or multiple passes for accurate transcription
  • Audio Quality of Recording: Poor quality audio recordings are generally tougher to transcribe accurately, and therefore affect the pricing structure negatively

Special Formatting Request

As our client, we understand that you might have special formatting requests for your transcripts. Our pricing remains flexible to incorporate any such requests, such as -

  • Page Numbers & Line Numbers: Adding line and page numbers to the document
  • Headers and Footers: If required, specific headers and footers can be included in the document
  • Logo: If you have a requirement for integrating a logo within the template or standard file, the request will be included in the final price consideration

Turnaround Time

Depending upon the time within which you want a project to be completed, resources are assigned to ensure efficient and in-time delivery. Our pricing can be duly adjusted based on your requirements, and can be discussed in detail with our representatives.

Optional Time Stamping

Time Stamping is an optional category, and based on your requirements you can choose it for an additional price.

High-Quality Transcription Services at the Best Prices Contact us now for cost-effective and accurate transcription services delivered on-time, every single time.

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Pricing Disclaimer

Please note that all prices on the site are only indicative. The actual rates will change depending on the type of the project, complexity of work, skill and experience of the resource, terms of contract and some other factors.

We make every effort to keep all information on the site accurate and up-to-date and keep the pricing constant, but at times we might need to increase or decrease the pricing of our services. Final pricing for a project can differ from the quoted price on the site.


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