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Outsource MP3 and MP4 Transcription Services

Audio formats today are being used by many businesses to communicate with their audience effectively. However many still prefer the good old text document. A textual transcript of your audio recording has the potential to be seen by a much larger section of people.

Transcribing from these formats into a text based document requires not just the right tools, but demands exceptional experience in language, grammar, communication and accuracy. Outsource2india brings all of this to every Mp3 and Mp4 transcription assignment. With an experienced team of transcribers and over 25 years of dealing with worldwide customers, has helped us lead the pack in providing outsourced transcription services.

MP3 Transcription Services

Mp3 transcription refers to the transcription of speech recorded in the MP3 format. This is one of the most popular digital audio formats – probably the one that is used the most. The Mp3 services that we offer include:

  • Mp3 transcription
  • Mp3 digital dictations
  • Mp3 to text
  • Mp3 audio transcription

The primary advantages of using the Mp3 format are its compactness and high audio quality, making Mp3 to text transcription much easier. People using digital voice recorders usually have their voice files saved in the Mp3 format. This is the reason why digital transcription is synonymous with Mp3 transcription.

  • We have facilitated the quick uploading of Mp3 files to our server
  • The uploading process is well secured from data security breaches
  • The transcripts are delivered back, through a download link, thus being user- friendly
  • We fulfill the needs of the customers even on the duration of the delivery. Based on the need of the hour, one can choose from our Standard TAT or Rush TAT services
  • Our Standard TAT provides Mp3 transcription within a guaranteed time limit of 12-24 hours

MP4 Transcription Services

Apart from Mp3 transcription services, Outsource2india also provides superior quality Mp4 transcription. The Mp4 format is an advanced version of the 'older' MP3 format. Mp4 formats have a better quality encoding that compresses the WAV audio format much more efficiently than older formats, yet delivers excellent sound quality rivaling that of uncompressed recordings.

The Mp4 format has advantages like rapid uploading via the Internet, smaller file size and reduced transmission time. At Outsource2india, a majority of our audio transcription customers use digital recording formats and an increasing number use the Mp4 format. We have digital transcription software to interpret all of the key WAV types and have been providing excellent Mp4 audio transcription to clients from a wide range of industries across the world.

The Mp4 services that we offer include:

  • MP4 transcription
  • MP4 digital transcription
  • MP4 to text
  • MP4 CD transcription
  • MP4 audio transcription
12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience
Quick Ramp-Up & Scale-Down options

Why choose Outsource2india as your Transcription Vendor?

All your recordings, in any digital format such as Mp3, Mp4, WAV etc. will be accepted for transcription purposes. We also provide toll-free phone dictation service. Your transcripts will be available in our online archival for 12 months after the return of the transcripts. You will have a dedicated team to work only on your transcription project. For customers without expertise or infrastructure to record their events, we provide free call recording services.

We also provide other services such as Radio Show Transcription Services, video transcription, dictation transcription services, and more.

Stringent quality assurance process, competitive pricing, fast turnaround time and high levels of accuracy are some of the other benefits that we offer to our customers. Choose us as your partner for transcription services and get access to these benefits.

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