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Property Inventory Transcription Services

Outsource Property Inventory Transcription Services

Get quick and accurate transcripts with our property inventory transcription services, starting at 75 cents per audio/video minute!

Struggling to transcribe your property inventory records accurately? Are you piling up multiple formats of inventory records to be transcribed? Are you transcribing the records in-house, but worried about the accuracy of the transcripts? Realtors, land agents, and property management companies worldwide are outsourcing property inventory transcription services to get high-quality, quick, and accurate transcripts. We are a leading property inventory transcription company serving real estate firms, individual realtors, legal agencies, and construction companies.

Our trained and experienced transcriptionists offer customized property transcription services to global clients. Dictated observations are common due to the ease of noting down the specifications. We transcribe your dictations and deliver them to you in the template of your choice. Working with hundreds of clients, we have the experience to provide you with specialized property inventory transcription services at reasonable rates.

Property Transcription Services We Offer

Whether you want a gist of your recordings or need literal transcription of your media files, we cater to all your requirements. Our property transcription services include -

  1. Audio inventory transcription

    Audio inventory transcription

    Have you recorded or dictated your property inventory in an audio file format? Our experienced transcriptionists and native language experts will accurately transcribe them.

  2. Video inventory transcription

    Video inventory transcription

    Most realtors and owners record video dictation for added clarity. We capture every word and the flow of your dictation efficiently in the final transcripts.

  3. Onsite survey and inspection report transcription

    Onsite survey and inspection report transcription

    We transcribe on-site surveys and inspection reports, given by site engineers, and ensure all the information is documented in the final transcript.

  4. Construction site recitation transcription

    Construction site recitation transcription

    Company notes and construction recitation from the property management firms are crucial records. We transcribe this accurately and share it with you in the format of your choice.

  5. Real estate record transcription

    Real estate record transcription

    We transcribe real estate documents, property summaries, and other records to ensure that you have updated information at your fingertips.

  6. Legal documents transcription

    Legal documents transcription

    Court proceedings and legal files are important documents, which are crucial for future references. We use advanced tools to ensure the information from these records is not compromised.

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why is Outsource2india the Preferred Property Inventory Transcription Company?

We strive to provide high-quality transcription services at nominal rates. Our specialists understand your background and analyze your requirements thoroughly before transcribing. When you choose us, you get -

  • Flexible transcription pricing

    Our services are highly affordable and flexible. You can opt for full-time equivalents or hourly pricing rates based on your needs. Either way, you get accurate services at reasonable rates.

  • Secure data transfer

    We make data transfer completely secure and easy to protect your confidential property-related data. You can upload your files to our FTP servers, dial our toll-free number to directly record on our servers, or make secure email transfers.

  • Processing multiple transcription file formats

    We accept media recordings and documents in multiple formats and deliver output files in the formats you prefer.

  • Skilled team of transcriptionists

    Our trained and experienced resources have exceptional listening skills and excellent vocabulary.

  • Quick turnaround

    As soon as we receive your documents and recordings in raw digital formats, we shortlist the right tool to process them, without any scope for delay.

Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Audio Transcription for Scientific & Educational Research

O2I Provided Audio Transcription of Lecture on Lean Management

Read how Outsource2india's audio transcriptionists successfully transcribed four hours of audio in 48 hours with an accuracy of over 98%.

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O2I Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Outsource2india Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Within 42 hours O2I transcribed nine hours of audio for a US-based client. With the success of the project, the client vowed to spread the word about their success and outsource future needs.

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Outsource Property Inventory Transcription Services

We are a reputed specialized transcription services firm, with 25 years of industry experience in providing proficient, accurate, and reliable services. We bring you the best in digital transcription using advanced tools and proven transcription techniques.

Our property inventory transcription support helps you -

  • Keep all your property documents updated
  • Get transcribed files in the format of your choice
  • Keep your property information ready for future references

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