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Forensic Transcription Services

Outsource Forensic Transcription Services

Achieve accurate documentation of words from your audio and video recording with our best-in-class forensic transcription services.

Extracting the essence from barely audible or visible files can be extremely difficult. A criminal evidence tape is a perfect example of such media files. Footages from hidden cameras and CCTV recordings are used as evidence in court. However, the mere presence of such evidence does not serve the purpose. The perceptibility of such files is a crucial factor that helps make the most out of such evidence. This is precisely where quality forensic transcription services can be of great help. Forensic transcription is a process of transcribing low-quality audio and media clips into clear, understandable formats.

With close to two decades of industry experience, we understand our client's unique requirements and aim to offer quality forensic transcription solutions. Our team specializes in providing our clients with top-notch quality transcripts. By partnering with an experienced forensic transcription service company like ours, you can cut down on overheads, resulting in huge savings and increased profitability.

Forensic Transcription Solutions We Offer

Our significant experience in the industry supports us with the technical know-how and expertise to offer quality transcripts with a quick turnaround time to our clients. Read on to understand how our different types of forensic transcription services can assist your business requirements.

  • Audio Enhancement

    Audio Enhancement

    Leverage our expertise to improve the quality of audio recordings while ensuring accurate and reliable transcription solutions for your clients.

  • Verbatim Transcription

    Verbatim Transcription

    Utilize our verbatim transcription services to obtain good-quality outcomes that comply your business's requirements and industry's standards in working as fool-proof evidence for law proceedings.

  • Time-stamped Transcription

    Time-stamped Transcription

    Take our assistance in inserting accurate time stamps in the transcripts and recordings with our time-stamped transcription services.

  • Expert Testimony Preparation

    Expert Testimony Preparation

    Utilize our testimony preparation services to transcribe all crucial evidence ranging from handwritten notes to digital dictation to ensure optimum client assistance.

  • Speaker Identification

    Speaker Identification

    Incorporate our speaker identification services to obtain accurate identification of speakers in the recordings and offer reliable outcomes to your clients.

  • Audio Authentication

    Audio Authentication

    Use our forensic audio authentication services to ensure consistency with the actual events to deliver accurate client results.

  • Transcription of Video Recordings

    Transcription of Video Recordings

    Effectively convert your video projects into transcripts with our quality transcription solutions.

  • Transcription of 911 Calls

    Transcription of 911 Calls

    Employ the expertise of our professional transcribers to help your clients obtain accurate transcription outcomes for law proceedings.

  • Transcription of Police Interviews and Interrogations

    Transcription of Police Interviews and Interrogations

    Avail fast, reliable, and cost-effective police interview transcription solutions in any language of your choice.

  • Forensic Reports

    Forensic Reports

    We provide an accurate, detailed, and timely transcription of your forensic reports. Our skilled transcriptionists will ensure the final transcript has a detailed account of every minute of conversation/ voice audible in the submitted media file.

Process We Follow

We follow a holistic forensic transcription approach to extract the essence even out of audio and video files that are extremely unclear. The process we follow is split into the following steps -


01. Detailed Analysis

First and foremost, the project is carefully studied to identify and determine the discrepancies that hinders its audibility or visibility.


02. Pattern Recognition

In the second step, our team of experts determines the most appropriate technique to comply with the project requirements and ensure delivering quality transcription outcomes.


03. Efficient Transcription

During the third step, the segment of media files is subject to more advanced synthesis. Here, our experts listen to speech patterns at varying speeds and amplification levels to finalize the enhancements needed to improve the quality.


04. Accurate Final Output

In the final stage of the forensic transcription process, the necessary enhancements are made, and the final output is checked for quality.

Why Choose as your Forensic Transcription Service Provider?

As a leading transcription service provider with over two decades of experience in the industry, we understand unique transcription requirements as per the law proceedings. Hence, we have the technical know-how and strategies to deliver quality transcription solutions to our clients. Listed below are a few benefits that you can derive by incorporating our forensic transcription services -

  • Multiple Output Formats

    We provide top-quality transcripts in various formats like PageMaker, HTML, PDF, Word, FrameMaker, and QuarkXpress.

  • Data Security

    Our strict adherence to data security policies helps us ensure delivering outcomes with utmost security and confidentiality.

  • Latest Infrastructure

    Our latest infrastructure equips us with the right techniques to offer quality transcription solutions to our clients.

  • Use of the Latest Technologies

    By partnering with our latest tools and technologies, you can get access to highly professional and reliable transcription solutions for your clients.

  • Quick Turnaround Time

    You can ensure quick delivery of transcription outcomes with our forensic transcription solutions.

  • Affordable Prices

    Our team aims to deliver quality transcription solutions at competitive prices to our clients to help them achieve cost-effective services.

Additional Services We Offer

Legal Transcription Services

Get all your legal audio/videos transcribed accurately and efficiently quickly by choosing our services.

Video Transcription Services

Transcribe your videos into accurate and error-free text and enhance your online reach by choosing our team's services.

Medical Transcription Services

Benefit from the skills of trained and experienced medical transcriptionists who ensure error-free administrative documents and patient records.

Business Transcription Services

Document every business meeting, seminar, conference, etc., by choosing our team's superior quality services.

Customer Success Stories

O2I Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Top Utah-based Telecom Company

We Provided Voice Transcription Services to a Top Utah-based Telecom Company

A top telecommunications provider based in the US was looking for accurate voice transcription services. Our expert team provided high-quality services that exceeded the client's expectations.

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O2I Provided high-quality Transcription, Subtitling, and Captioning Services to a London-based Production Company

We Provided high-quality Transcription, Subtitling, and Captioning Services to a London-based Production Company

A production company that is based out of the UK faced challenges due to inaccurate pricing, poor quality work, and staying true to the promised TAT. The client also lacked robust reporting, invoicing, and billing. Our team resolved their concerns and streamlined their workflow.

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Although our initial interest was mainly based on cost (Outsource2india was less than half the price of U.S. vendors) we have found the company to be highly competent and flexible.

Public Information Company in US
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Outsource Forensic Transcription Services to Us

Adherence to appropriate standards and procedures becomes a mandate for forensic and legal transcription services. Hence, it is crucial to partner with a forensic transcription company that holds significant experience and expertise in handling audio and video evidence and can ensure accurate transcripts, assuring reliability and authenticity.

As an experienced transcription service company, our experts know how to understand even the minutest details associated with your media files to be transcribed. Carrying out forensic transcription for over 25 years, we provide quick services that can help you save valuable time and resources. Here are a few features that you can enjoy by partnering with a forensic transcription service company like ours -

  • Optimum confidentiality, privacy, and security.
  • High-end technology.
  • Stringent quality control processes.
  • Greater flexibility.
  • Cost-effective legal transcription solutions.

Therefore, if you want quick, easy, and reliable transcription solutions for your forensic and legal requirements, our services can greatly help you.

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