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FAQs on Legal Dictation Services

Does your law firm or legal agency require fast and error-free legal dictation services at a cost-effective price? With Outsource2india as your partner, you can get accurately transcribed documents of your court proceedings, legal pleadings, reports or police interrogations. Here are a few frequently asked questions about outsourcing legal dictation services to Outsource2india:

  1. Are your transcriptionists familiar with legal terminology, formatting, as well as the confidential nature of the material?

    Yes. The typists/operators at Outsource2india have at least 3 to 5 years of experience in legal transcription and back office legal work.

  2. How soon after my dictation is completed will my document be returned?

    Our turnaround time is usually between 12-24 hours. The processing time for one hour of audio files is usually between 5 to 7 hours of actual transcription.

  3. Do I need any special equipment to use your services?

    We would suggest that you use a Voice Recording Equipment/ Dictaphone. We recommend that you buy Olympus or Sony.

  4. Do you have a written plan showing how you keep your records confidential?

    At the onset of every project, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement to assure you that your data will be kept confidential. We run a paperless operation, so that there is no leak of data. Our employees are not allowed to carry CDs, Floppies or USB drives. You can be assured about the complete privacy of your data at Outsource2india.

  5. What are your Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act regulations?

    All our operations are HIPAA Compliant but are not HIPAA Certified.

  6. Do you conduct employment history and criminal background checks from your typists?

    During the recruitment process, we make a thorough background check on the candidate before hiring him/her as a typist. Background checks of an eligible candidate are one of our pre-requisites before conducting the interview.

  7. Do your typists sign confidentiality agreements?

    Yes. All our typists sign the required confidentiality agreements at their time of appointment and at the onset of every project.

  8. Do your operators have the ability to adjust the layout, font size, margins and other document characteristics for my specific needs?

    Yes. Our employees can make adjustments to the layout, font size, margins and other document characteristics. However we suggest that we be provided with a standard template, so that we can create one sample and seek your approval.

  9. Will we have an assigned account representative for our firm to contact for questions and support?

    We will assign a Project Lead or Manager to you. You can contact this person by mail, phone or chat.

  10. What are the hours of availability of your service EST?

    Based on your project requirement it is possible for us to provide availability on most time zones. Please note since our delivery centers are ahead in time, you will have the advantage of your work being processed before you get to the office the following morning.

  11. Do you charge by the hour, typed pages or number of typed words?

    Our charges are applicable by the line, per minute or by the hour.

  12. Can you provide me with pricing details?

    We can offer you with a free quote after we conduct a free trial for you and get your approval on quality.

  13. Are there any additional costs or fees that I have to incur to use your service?

    No. There are no additional costs that you would have to pay for when you outsource your services to Outsource2india.

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