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Transcription Data Security, Privacy and Confidentiality Measures at O2I

If security, privacy and confidentiality concerns are stopping you from outsourcing transcription services, then consider outsourcing transcription services to Outsource2india, as we are an organization who takes security and confidentiality concerns very seriously. At Outsource2india, we are very sensitive about the different regulations that are part of the transcription industry. Our technology-driven transcription services are compliant to international standards.

Data Security Measures at Outsource2india

  • All our transcription professionals are given training on security, privacy and confidentiality
  • The transcription employees at O2I sign confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements at the onset of a project
  • We ensure that the transcription professionals and administrators at O2I who have access to patient records, voice files or sensitive information have signed the required confidentiality agreements
  • All the systems at O2I have antivirus software and firewalls. The systems are updated with virus definitions on a daily basis
  • We conduct technical evaluations on a routine basis to ensure that all the systems in our office meet the necessary security agreements
  • We have disabled all the external drives in the systems at O2I
  • All our offices have security personal on a 24x7x365 days basis
  • The transcription professionals at Outsource2india are not allowed to bring laptops, PDAs or any other electronic devices
  • Our transcription employees are not allowed to bring in or take out any paper, printout or written documents
  • The systems in O2I have restricted print permissions
  • All the transcription employees at O2I are checked when they enter and exit our premises
  • For all our transcribed files, we follow a 128 bit encryption
  • We have stringent administrative procedures to guard document availability, data integrity and confidentiality
  • All the offices of Outsource2india have security measures to prevent the vandalism or theft of any information stored in our employees systems
  • We hold random checks of systems and employees on a regular basis
  • All our transcription employees use passwords to logon to their computers
  • At O2I, we have rigorous security measures that ensure the security and integrity of protected information
  • All our offices have smoke alarm and multiple fire extinguishers
  • We have stringent processes to monitor and detect any breach of security. We also conduct routine audits
  • At Outsource2india, we store our data at a data center and have installed physical access limitations to the data
  • All the data that is transferred from our customers' office to our office is encrypted to ensure that none of the data is deciphered
  • Every transcription professional at O2I has a unique user ID and password to access transcripts and voice files. This system prevents unauthorized access to data
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Outsource legal transcription, academic research transcription, media transcription, market research transcription, business transcription, video transcription and audio transcription to O2I and stay assured that all your business critical information will be kept completely secure.

Outsource transcription services to O2I and stay assured about the complete privacy, security and confidentiality of your data.

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