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9 Useful Tips On Recording Audio for Transcription

How to record audio for transcription and how to transcribe audio is something that people always are curious to know. Clarity is the most important thing while audio recording transcription. Quality, speed, and accuracy of audio transcription solely depend on the clarity of the audio used for transcription.

Here are 9 useful tips that will help you record transcription for audio in such a way that it will always turn out to be perfect:

  1. Background Noise

    Cut the noise for better clarity. See that you are alone and in a quieter place while recording; and ask your staff and colleagues not to disturb you. Another important thing is to keep away from traffic sounds which generally add to the background noise. A soundproof room is a good idea; but if that is not an option, you can take several soundproofing measures in your room like carpeting, wooden flooring, wall paneling, heavy curtains, and so on, to absorb excess noise.

  2. Multiple Voices

    If there is more than one person in the room while recording audio transcription, you have to ensure that others stay calm while you are recording. It's also important to make sure that the listener understands what is being spoken and if there are multiple speakers. If many people speak at once, the transcription quality will automatically suffer.

  3. External Microphones

    Use good quality microphones, preferably, external microphones for better recording quality. These microphones are good at recording even the faintest of sounds, so you have to also ensure that you stay away from the regular chatter.

  4. Microphone Placement

    High quality microphones have to be properly positioned for best quality recording. It's better if you hold it in the direction of the voice and also at a right distance to get the best recording clarity and sound.

  5. Pace of Speaking

    Ensure that you speak at a steady and comfortable pace and also at a right tone which is transcription friendly. So, if you have a habit of speaking at a faster pace than normal, you have to slow it down. This would make transcription extremely easy.

  6. Record Shorter Audio Lengths

    It is better if you record shorter audio files, or audio in parts rather than going for one big audio file. This will ensure that more than one transcriptionist can work simultaneously on your recordings, and complete the job faster. Transferring and uploading audio files will also become easier if they are smaller.

  7. Trial Recordings

    First do a trial recording and listen to it. See how clear the audio is, check for noises and other disturbances; if you feel everything is just perfect then go ahead with the rest of the recording. Also remember to do the trial recording at a place where you will be actually recording your audio.

  8. Trial Transcribe

    You can record the audio and send to your transcriber and also instruct on how to transcribe, if there are any specifics that you would like to mention. Then check how comfortable and easy it is for the transcriber. You can now simply take their feedback for any improvements on audio recording.

  9. Other Help

    You can also go through general audio recording tips or tutorials and also look for digital audio transcription services for high quality transcriptions.

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