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5 Must-Have Skills for Legal Transcription

Must Have Skills for Legal Transcription

The job of a legal transcriptionist is no less than that of a court reporter. It takes immense dedication, meticulous performance and great attention to detail to provide transcription of legal documents. The gravity attached to legal documents directly reflects in the legal skills required in a transcriptionist. Though no formal transcription qualification is mandatory to be a transcriptionist, it is important that he/she possesses following qualities.

5 Skills that a Legal Transcriber must Possess:

  1. Listening Skills

    A transcriptionist is required to listen to digitally recorded court room proceedings carefully, so as to transcribe it accurately later on. So it goes without saying that good listening skills are more than essential, without which ambiguities and inaccuracies can occur.

  2. Understanding Legal Terminologies, Judicial Procedures and Legal Systems

    It is not enough to have a good ear, but it is equally important that a legal transcriptionist is fairly aware of legal terminologies. There are many words and terminologies that are used specifically in the legal circles. Knowledge about legal proceedings and legal systems is required to prepare documents according to statutory requirements. Knowledge of legal techniques and procedures, and the ability to put them into context by using quality legal writing skills is expected from good legal transcriptionists.

  3. Fast and Accurate Keyboard Typing Skills

    Preparation of legal documents of course cannot be at leisure. There is a pressing demand to deliver transcribed documents within limited time. This requires legal transcriptionists to have legal drafting skills with exceptionally fast keyboard typing speed. Moreover, legal transcription needs to hold high accuracy levels as high as 98%, so, legal transcription requires a great combination of listening skills, comprehensive knowledge of legal terminologies and fast & accurate typing skills.

  4. Familiarity with Transcription Software

    Most legal transcription companies use software technologies for transcription. This will require that a transcriptionist acquires the relevant skills to efficiently use these software transcription techniques so as to make the best use of the technology.

  5. Editing, Grammar Check and Proofing Skills

    Legal transcribing demands scrupulous editing and proofing skills as a part of transcription know-how. Good transcription also involves spell check, grammar check, editing and proof reading. And sometimes, nothing can match the benefits of a double check! So, a good legal transcriber must have the qualities of an editor as well.

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