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What is Transcription?

Transcription in its basic form is the process of representing oral text in a written text format. The oral text usually comes in the form of various audio and video files. Textual files can include word documents, PDF or simple text (.TXT). Usually businesses indulge in transcribing audio and video recordings of various activities of their company into textual archives. Some of these activities include seminars, conferences, meetings, interviews, brainstorming sessions etc.

A few advantages of transcribing include creating a permanent record, wider reach and ability to review documents quickly. A typical example of creating online transcripts might include a seminar session where the particular speech by a speaker is recorded either on audio or video. This is then reviewed by a transcriptionist who converts this speech into a text based transcript. This transcript can later be distributed to attendees for a review or for further action.

Initially transcription services were largely prevalent in the healthcare industry where doctors' notes and operative procedures were transcribed as part of patient care. It can now be seen across various business and academic functions as well.

Outsourcing Transcription Services – What are the Benefits?

Transcription was one of the oldest services to be outsourced. India remains the leader in terms of quality, cost and the turnaround time of transcriptions when compared to others. With its pool of qualified personnel combined with the right infrastructure, you can be assured of error-free transcription services.

Some of the other direct benefits of outsourcing transcription include:

Cost benefits: Transcription is often a volume driven industry and the cost per transcript adds to the final cost of a transcription assignment. Outsourcing your transcription needs makes for substantial cost savings sometimes up to 50% of the local costs.

Time zone difference: The difference in time zone between India and the West (including Europe) means that you could send the files at the end of your business day and the have them delivered to you the next morning.

Skilled teams: The availability of skilled resources in the west for transcription work is scarce. However, Outsource2india leverages India's availability of highly skilled professionals who can handle large volumes of online transcription services.

Transcription Services by Outsource2india

Outsource2india offers a broad range of transcribing services. These are:

Medical transcription services: Outsource2india's core team of medical transcriptionists has worked with hospitals, healthcare providers and individual physicians across the globe. We understand the nuances and little details that go into transcribing healthcare documents.

Business transcription: If you need help with transcribing your meeting minutes and your conference proceedings, do get in touch with us and we would be glad to offer our competitive services for your needs.

Legal transcription services: With years of experience in transcribing court documents and other legal transcription services, Outsource2india provides accurate and high-quality work in this area.

Video transcription services: We undertake transcription from a variety of video formats such as avi, mpg, vob etc. We have worked with videos involving speeches, live shows, interviews and documentaries to name a few.

Audio transcription services: Outsource2india provides timely and cost- effective audio transcription services and would be the ideal vendor for your outsourcing needs.

Voicemail Transcription Services: Voicemail transcription is an effective way to transcribe important telephonic conversations stored in your voicemail for future reference. Our services are applicable for both landline and mobile phones.

Academic research transcription: We have helped students and lecturers transcribe various research materials from both audio and video sources. These transcripts find their way into journals, doctoral theses and other educational materials.

Media transcription: We have access to talented resources that can provide fast and reliable services to journalists and other media executives thereby ensuring that their media transcription services are met.

Toll free dictation transcription: Outsource2india provides services for toll free dictation transcription and is known for its attention to detail and methodical approach in this field.

Manual transcription: Offers high success rate even if the speech to be transcribed is slurred, and words are muffled or garbled, or contain heavy accent.

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