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Audio Transcription Services Helped Chairman of a Leading Marketing Agency

The Customer

Our customer is the chairman of a leading marketing agency based in the U.S. The company executes numerous brand building projects for some of the Fortune 500 companies across the world. The chairman had some audio transcription work to be done for which he required a reliable transcription service provider.

The Challenge

The chairman of the agency was in the process of writing a book. He has an extremely busy schedule and does not find sufficient time to write. Hence, he prefers to record his thoughts on a voice recorder whenever he can squeeze in some time, such as while traveling or in between meetings, etc. Having recorded a large amount of information, he was looking for an audio transcription service provider who could transcribe all his recordings.

The length of each audio file was different, ranging from 2 to 3 minutes for the smallest file to about 45 minutes for the longest file. There were about 100 such audio files that were required to be transcribed quickly

The greatest challenge of the project was to meet the turnaround time expectations of our customer. Everyday our customer would send us 3 to 4 audio files. Each of these files was about an hour in length so the total recorded time would be about 4 hours. These audio files were to be transcribed and sent back to the customer the very next day.

How We Succeeded

We provided accurate audio transcription services as per the requirements of our customer.

Considering the specifics of the deliverables, we decided to execute this project from one of our international delivery centers. We had a set of experts based there who had prior experience in working on such audio transcription projects within a quick turnaround time.

The key features of our transcription service with regards to this project were:

  • A turnaround time of less than 12-24 hours, as desired by the customer
  • High accuracy levels were maintained
  • Top quality work was delivered
  • No complaints from the customer
  • Competitive rates

Our professional approach had instilled a feeling of trust in the customer, which he expressed in his communication to us. We have managed to meet the desired turnaround time without compromising on the high accuracy level promised to the customer.

What the Customer Gained

Our customer was immensely satisfied with the quality of our transcription work and the overall progress of the transcription project. The important benefits that the customer derived were:

  • Work done immediately
  • Saved precious time on re-work due to high accuracy
  • Significant cost benefits due to competitive rates

This customer has now become a regular with us.

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