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O2I Provided Bilingual Focus Group Transcription Services with Great Accuracy

Case Study on Bilingual Transcription for a Healthcare Firm

The Client

The client is a healthcare field company that provides an array of health and wellness services such as testing, hospital services, women's health, mental health treatment, surgical care, as well as health & wellness services. They had just finished focus group research on their services. The result included three audio files. One file representing English speakers, and the other two consisting a mix of English and Spanish speakers.

The client was looking for a partner that could not only transcribe the audio from three files but also translate them in both languages so that all three files would be available in both English and Spanish. Based on the recommendation of their long-time partner, the client selected Flatworld Solutions to outsource their transcription services.

Client's Requirement & Challenges

Outsource2india was contacted by the client because they were in search of human transcribers who could transcribe audio from three files and translate the same in both languages to make all three files available in English and Spanish. It was during this time that their long-time partner recommended Flatworld Solutions.

The project required transcription and translation of texts where each file had to be of a certain length with many variations in voices, speaking styles, and inflection. Every single file had 13 to 15 speakers and the length was grouped as follows -

  • Focus Group 1: 50 minutes 45 seconds
  • Focus Group 2: 49 minutes 40 seconds
  • Focus Group 3: 35 minutes 34 seconds

It was a tremendous challenge to handle the combination of length, variations in voice, and transcription of the same files between two different languages.

Our Solution

The cost-effective solution we offered as part of audio transcription were as follows -

  • We assigned two resources who are experts in Spanish and English languages to handle the project
  • We translated the audio into English and Spanish and then transcribed the same files
  • The transcribed files were subjected to quality checks to ensure compliance and accuracy

The Results

The project was completed within 5 days giving clients a monumental advantage in business. The project requirements were met with 98% accuracy by fulfilling the quality benchmark in a secure way. The speed and performance of O2I's team were appreciated by the client who assured to outsource similar projects in the future.

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