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Outsource Teleconference Transcription Services

Rising costs of communication and equipment have forced companies to look at cheaper but effective ways to enable communication between various stakeholders of their organization.

With individuals spread across various locations around the world, teleconference calls acts as a cost-effective communication medium for a wide range of official, educational, medical, business, organizational, or in-house informational exchanges where a virtual conference takes place.

From elaborate sales calls, product demonstrations, live consultations with doctors or providing video lectures to students, teleconferencing finds its application in all spheres. Teleconference calls generally involve communication using telephony equipment supported with audio and video tools.

Teleconference transcription converts teleconference calls from audio / video formats into various text-based documents. The textual transcripts can act as a useful supplement or as a reference when one wants to review everything that was discussed in a teleconference call.

Teleconference Transcription Services by Outsource2india

Since teleconferencing involves lengthy communication between groups of people located across the globe, it becomes implausible to make written records of a meeting. Collecting notes from all members involved in a call can be tedious and time consuming. Transcribed teleconferences come as a solution to this problem by presenting either verbatim transcripts or formatted transcripts of a teleconference.

Outsource2india's teleconference transcription service covers various areas of application such as -

  • Sales calls
  • Board meetings
  • Financial analysis
  • e-Diagnosis
  • Product demos
  • Demonstration of medical findings
  • Meeting with investors
  • Team review sessions
  • Company announcements
  • Project reviews

We can also provide teleconference transcription services for teleconferences conducted through the internet. The transcription of webcast / podcast conferences ensures that online media achieves maximum exposure and attendance, and is made accessible to larger audiences, including people with hearing disabilities. Web casters are increasingly posting transcripts of their webcast events alongside their webcasts to get more visibility.

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience
Quick Ramp-Up & Scale-Down options

Benefits of Outsourcing Teleconference Transcription to Outsource2india

It is important that you set business goals as a yardstick for partnering with an outsourcing service provider and you should know the benefits that you stand to gain out of a business relationship. Some of the direct advantages of outsourcing teleconference transcription services include:

  • Low labor and infrastructural costs means you'll be paying less for transcription staff as opposed to the costs of local transcriptionists
  • The advantage with time difference (with India) means that while you relax at night, teleconference transcriptionists are at work, and your documents will be made ready by your morning
  • You can invest your resources into growing your organization rather than burning money in operating a backend process such as teleconference transcription
  • Quick turnaround time, some as low as 12-24 hours, ensure that you can need not worry about following up
  • Some outsourcing vendors, such as Outsource2india provide additional transcription services such as medical transcription, webcast / podcast transcription, legal transcription etc which might prove to be useful and easily accessible if you choose to acquire these services

Our teleconference transcription team has an excellent mix of transcriptionists, proofreaders, quality analysts, and editors. With top notch English language skills, scientific/technical terms and the ability to understand foreign accents, the accuracy level of our transcripts are higher in each of our transcription assignments. Our transcribers' comprehension skills and capacity to listen with concentration to pick up every word have reflected in high productivity rates and customer satisfaction levels.

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Teleconference Transcription Services FAQs

  • How do you transcribe a conference call?

    You transcribe a conference call by listening carefully to what is being said and then writing down what is being said.

  • How long does a conference call transcription take?

    It can take up to 60 mins to transcribe 15 minutes of audio. This also depends on how complex the call is and how many people are speaking.