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Deposition Transcription Services

Outsource Deposition Transcription Services

Depositions are vital in legal system. Therefore, we can help you preserve the evidence with accuracy and speed.

Are you inundated with pending deposition? Are you understaffed to carry out deposition transcription in-house? Usually, trained and experienced courtroom reports work on recording depositions given by witnesses and observers who are not able to come over in person because of the nature of the trial. Transcripts of such depositions need to be perfect in terms of verifiable information, zero miscommunication, and no typos.

At Outsource2india, we provide highly accurate deposition transcription services which ensure attorneys can meet the court deadlines and move the case forward. Our turnaround times range from 12-24 hours, giving your law firm and your attorneys enough time to build your case. With over 25 years of know-how, we have worked with law firms all around the globe and understand the deposition process inside-out, helping you benefit greatly from our experience.

Offshore Deposition Transcription Services We Offer

O2I's legal transcriptionists are thorough experts in the field of deposition transcription and understand the entire process inside out. We have worked with clients across multiple states in the US, as well as other countries such as UK, Australia, Canada, etc. Outsourcing deposition transcription services to us means benefiting from our expedited processes that provide you with verified print-ready documents which do not require further formatting. We achieve this by following a format which is required by our or by state law, as many states and even counties have different formatting requirements. When you need key testimonies to support a motion or record testimony from unavailable witnesses and then transcript them as soon as possible, then our services can serve your purpose. These services include -

  • Oral Deposition Transcription

    Oral Deposition Transcription

    Oral depositions are the most common types of deposition. Once the witness is subpoenaed by the court and everyone is available, the deposition is recorded in front of officials who can authenticate the same. The quality of oral deposition depends upon the recording quality, and we ensure we can provide a verbatim transcript in as short a time as possible covering everything that was spoken on tape. Our experienced transcriptionists leave out all the audio clutter and can provide high-quality transcripts devoid of any mistakes so you can immediately make use of it during the trial.

  • Written Question Deposition Transcription

    Written Question Deposition Transcription

    While uncommon, written question depositions are used when the legal team wants to set a story in motion and needs definite answers to a set of pre-decided questions which they need to ask from the witness giving the deposition. Transcribing such written questions depositions take longer since along with the audio, the written answers also need to be considered, and present in a coherent way for the trial.

    We ensure all the transcripts are worked upon based upon the format suggested by you and deliver the finished results within your requested turnaround time.

  • Chart Summary Deposition

    Chart Summary Deposition

    Sometimes, based upon the requirements of the trial, lawyers can request a chart format summary transcript which is presented in a continuous fashion and is necessary for quick identification of the subject matter in question. Chart summaries need to be pinpoint and exact and require prior skill to create. Our legal transcriptionists possess the right aptitude and the experience to work on this requirement and deliver a complete package in a short time.

  • Customized Depositions

    Customized Depositions

    Legal practices and requirements often differ case to case and may employ a custom deposition format which might not be prevalent, but still within the rights of the legal team. Our team of transcription professionals can help transcribe such custom requirements form our clients daily.

  • Court Hearing Transcriptions

    Court Hearing Transcriptions

    Our team can work on all the court hearings taking place during the deposition as well and provide a succinct transcription report with easy demarcations for you to make out who said what just by glancing through it.

Transcription Samples

Delve into our transcription portfolio and you will be staggered by amazing transcription samples -




Interviewer: We are talking with Jenny. So what is your current occupation?

Interviewee: I am an assistant director [???] basically [???].

Interviewer: And so how long you have been in this particular position?

Interviewee: I am in this particular position - it has been 4 years.

Interviewer: Are you able to briefly describe your work or career history to date?

Interviewee: My career has been, it initially started with a lot of clinical roles in very different areas of specialization within the nursing [???] industry and [???] plastics [???] to whole different variety and then I moved into rehabs. I was [???] for 15 years and then basically moved into management role when I was 26 and had been working in the management role for the last 27 years and yeah, about 20 years I have been working in management, and basically did a rehab degree in rehab counseling, which I think played a [???], so [???] sort of varying delay in some respects from the traditional clinical role of nursing.

Interviewer: Yeah, sort of I guess first thing [???] broadly speaking, why did you choose to go into nursing?

Interviewee: Because I was paid to train and employed at the same time. In the 70s, things were very different in [???] of jobs and employment...

Deposition Transcription Process We Follow

At O2I, we understand the importance of depositions and how they may eventually find themselves as part of the evidence. Therefore, all our processes are geared towards ensuring the highest possible quality for your deposition transcripts. We present our clients with a bird's eye view of the process to understand what happens behind the scenes. The deposition transcription process is as follows -

Recording the Audio  

01. Recording the Audio

The client records audio of courtroom proceedings by using a high-quality recorder

File Transmission Process  

02. File Transmission Process

The recorded audio can be transmitted to us via SFTP in any format of your choice

Deposition Transcription Services  

03. Deposition Transcription Services

The experts at O2I will carry out deposition transcriptions in a professional manner as per the SLA

Quality Checks  

04. Quality Checks

We will verify the quality of the transcribed files by using proofreading tools to ensure it aligns with the requirement

Delivery of Transcribed Files Records  

05. Delivery of Transcribed Files and Reports

The transcripts will be released for legal and professional use after signing off from quality control

Other Services You Can Benefit From

Why Should You Outsource Deposition Transcription Services to O2I?

Using O2I's deposition transcription services in India will save you considerable time and money as opposed to working with a court reporter. Our services are transparent and reliable, ensuring you always know how much you are paying for and receiving the promised deliverable in the end. By partnering with us, you can benefit from the following -

  • Certified and Verbatim Transcription provider

    When it comes to recording hours upon hours of depositions correctly, verbatim transcriptions are extremely important as they help to convey the proceedings as they happened and as the witness whose recording you provided us. Verbatim transcriptions are our hallmark because we are ISO 9001:2015 accredited. Therefore, we present them without any glaring errors for you to use during the trial.

  • Data Security Measures

    When dealing with sensitive legal documentation which can make or break a case, we understand how our clients place extreme importance on data confidentiality and security. Our ISO/IEC 27001:2022 accredited data security measures are par none, as we ensure 360-degree protection of your confidential recordings and undertake the transcription process of highly secure hardware infrastructure. This includes using 256-bit AES encryption, two-factor authentication for logins, password protected file exchange, etc. All the files are transferred using secure FTP channels, and our clients can manage the entire document repository using highly secure document management systems.

  • 3-Tier Quality Control

    Our internal quality parameters are extremely stringent, and each transcript goes through 3 layers of QC before finding its way to you.

  • Extremely Fast TAT

    We understand how important deposition documentation and transcripts are for you to build your case properly, and our turnaround times reflect that attitude.

  • Scalability

    Working with us ensures you never have to worry about seasonal downtimes and paying wages to a non-working staff. It also ensures that heavy workload never leads to delayed projects, as we always have extra team members to cover the extra work.

  • No Hidden Charges

    Our pricing is exemplary in its simplicity, and we have zero hidden charges like our competitors who end up charging for headers, special notes, etc.

  • Single-point Contact

    We provide a dedicated project manager who will liaise with transcriptionists to bring you updates and reports on time. Get personalized support without being put on hold.

  • Qualified Transcriptionists

    Our team of legal transcriptionists has the right combination of education and job skillsets required to transcribe heavy legal audio tapes with more than 97% accuracy. To transcribe depositions correctly, our professionals have an in-depth understanding of the legal language, grammar, and terminologies which ensures they can easily understand technical conversations as part of the deposition. This makes us one of the few deposition transcription services providers out there whose transcriptionists work at more than 250 wpm for depositions while maintaining more than 97% accuracy.

  • Better technology and Infrastructure

    Whether you would require the transcripts to come with time-stamped passages or notes which can help you find relevant portions easily, we have got you covered. We have the infrastructure and the bandwidth to accommodate your dynamic needs.

  • Custom Formats

    We work with multiple formats for deposition transcriptions when you outsource deposition transcription services to us. We have the know-how and the experience in working with multiple formats which can vary from state to state, and can provide the transcripts in multiple formats such as -

    • PDF files
    • PDF transcripts with and without exhibits
    • ASCII file
    • Word
    • Transcripts with necessary hyperlinks
    • e-Transcripts signed by the required authority
  • Simple and Secure File Transfer

    Leverage our high-speed secure FTP servers to upload all your audio and video files that you would like to be transcribed. It's that easy!

  • 24/7/365 Support

    All our major recurring transcription projects have a dedicated project manager who serves as your sole PoC, and for individual projects, we ensure you can reach out to the project lead at any time.

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
150+ Global Clients
30-40% Cost Savings
50+ Transcribers
500+ Satisfied Clients
99% Accuracy
21 Years Experience
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Client Success Stories

O2I Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

Outsource2india Provided Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

Close to nine hours of mock audio transcriptions were done by O2I with the right technology and skill. Transcriptions were delivered within 72 hours at 95% accuracy.

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O2I Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theatre Company

Outsource2india Provided Audio Transcription for a New York-based Theater Company

Within 42 hours a US client's transcription task of nine hours was completed. The client was glad we delivered the solution within the stipulated time.

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The quality of the transcripts I received was of good quality and the timeliness of the work was excellent. I have recommended your service to fellow researchers who may need transcribing services.

Student, Australia
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At Outsource2india, we understand the significance of high-quality deposition transcriptions and how they can affect the case and your reputation. Being the world's best transcription services provider our team of expert legal transcribers can provide you with fast, accurate results while ensuring you can focus on building the case in as efficient a manner as possible. Working with us is as simple as clicking the button below, so what are you waiting for? Outsource deposition transcription services right now!

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