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Outsource Dissertation Transcription Services

Dissertation Transcription Services

Every student knows the pain of putting thesis dissertation together for their degree. A good dissertation not only contains a compilation of research findings and notes, but also includes scholastic inputs by the author. Universities reward those dissertation theses that are a well-analyzed description of the subject being discussed, rather than those that are just compilations of copied and collated findings. However, dissertation transcription is a daunting process and even after all the hard work you put in, the results might not be accurate.

Therefore, outsourcing this process can be a great way to get accurate transcripts without over spending. Outsourcing dissertation transcription to an external agency will not only save money, but will also speed up the time needed to compile and prepare the final transcript. Outsource2india provides quality transcription services across the board and has also assisted various universities and students around the world in preparing accurate university research transcripts and completing doctoral thesis transcription assignments. Outsourcing dissertation transcription services to us can help you get your content transcribed quickly and accurately.

Dissertation Transcription Services We Provide

University students often have budget constraints while getting their research materials transcribed. As the research materials can be anything including audio recordings, video footage of seminars and conferences, and webcast downloads, getting these accurately transcribed can be time-consuming and difficult. However, at Outsource2india, we provide efficient, quick, and accurate dissertation transcription services that are affordable. Some of the key services we offer include -

  • Transcription of Seminars and Conferences

    Often research materials to be transcribed include audio and video recordings of seminars and conferences, which have to be accurately transcribed to harness the information in them. This requires precision and skill to accurately transcribe such content into readable document. We have highly skilled and well-trained transcriptionists, who are capable of transforming even the most complex recordings accurately and quickly.

  • Transcription of Group Discussions

    A focus group is a great source of qualitative data, as it often has numerous participants and provides a broad range of information. Transcribing focus group discussions can be challenging because it is difficult to accurately transcribe the voices of all the participants, especially the overlapping conversations. Our transcribing specialists have the diligence and patience to transcribe such materials into accurate transcripts.

  • Transcription of Question-Answer Sessions and Interviews

    This type of transcription involves converting interviews to text documents and is a generic term referred to question-answer sessions and interviews of two or more people. We provide quick and accurate transcripts of "interview" and "question and answer" sessions at cost-effective rates. You can send interview recordings in any format and we will transcribe it and provide it back to you in the format of your choice.

  • Academic Presentation and Essay Transcription

    We offer fast and accurate essay and academic presentation transcription services to college, institution, and university students. Our fully experienced and highly trained staff will provide grammatically correct, word-perfect transcripts. This leaves you with more time to concentrate on other important things.

  • Transcription of Journal Articles

    Availing professional transcription services for journals will make it easier for you to store it and read it down the line at your leisure. Transcription enables posterity and hence journal transcripts can be stored for really long time and can be accessed when required. We have skilled transcriptionists who provide high-quality journal transcription services at competitive rates.

  • Transcriptions of Academic Symposia

    Academic symposia refer to conference for researchers, where they present and discuss their latest research work, which serves as an important channel for exchanging information between researchers. Our staff will ensure that all the aspects discussed in the symposium are accurately documented into readable text formats, which can be used for future references.

  • Transcription of Classroom Lectures

    We understand how important classroom lectures are, as they contain some of the crucial information which is often not present in any of the study materials. Hence, we have an efficient transcription team to correctly transcribe classroom lectures, which can be quickly retrieved and used for future references.

  • Note Taking Transcription

    Note taking is often referred to taking notes, where the writer jots down the information, freeing the mind from having to recollect everything again. As these notes are captured from another source, they have to be accurately transcribed in order to retain the exact information. We have skilled and proficient transcriptionists who successfully transcribe the notes taken within a short time.

  • Academic and Research Interview Transcription

    All knowledge-based institutions accumulate enormous recordings of academic and research interview materials, which are often difficult to transcribe due to huge volumes. We accurately transcribe one-to-one research and other academic interviews irrespective of the volume. Therefore, once you partner with us, you will be left with enormous time to focus on other important tasks.

  • University Research Transcription Services

    Whether you have recordings of telephonic interviews, one-on-one interviews, or focus group discussions, we can assist you with fast, efficient, and affordable university research transcription services. Our team has the expertise to transcribe any format of content into readable documents.

  • Transcription of Accreditation Reports

    This is a specialized field of transcription in which accuracy has utmost importance, as the reports assess the effectiveness of an institution. Therefore, we provide fast and professional accreditation report transcription services at reasonable rates.

  • Speech and Verbatim Transcription

    This type of transcription involves transcribing spoken word and systematic representation of a language into text documents in exactly same way in which it was spoken. We have skilled resources and infrastructure to provide accurate transcription of speech and verbatim recordings. We have a track record of transcribing in extremely short span of time.

  • Doctoral Thesis Transcription

    If you are pursuing a doctorate or a professional degree, then doctoral thesis is an integral part of your academics. By outsourcing doctoral thesis transcription services to us you can have all the time to focus on your research. With rates and pricing kept minimal, our services, we provide fast and accurate services to all our clients.

  • Intelligent Verbatim Transcription

    Intelligent verbatim transcription filters out all the unnecessary noises made by humans, omit repeated words if they do not add value, and amend slang words. As these transcripts are commonly circulated on corporate basis, we understand the importance of this and provide professional transcription services that are accurate and cost-effective.

Dissertation Transcription Software We Leverage

We have a team of highly experienced transcriptionists who are trained and capable of working on any kind of dissertation requests. However, we also understand the role of updated and latest software in ensuring transcription accuracy and hence leverage some of the latest and best transcription software to provide all our clients with quality transcripts, which are compatible with any analysis software. Following are some of the software we use -

NVIVO HyperRESEARCH atlas.ti AudioNote ClearRecord Premium expressscribe inqscribe iRecorder MacSpeech Scribe MAXQDA QuickVoice Recorder VoiceRecorder HD

Why Choose Our Dissertation Transcription Services?

We have been in the transcription industry for almost two decades now and have the required resources and infrastructure to provide top-quality services. Some of the key reasons for you to choose us include -

  • Affordable Services

    Our services come at a reasonable price, which can be very helpful for university students who are looking for a low budget service provider

  • Data Privacy

    We ensure that all your data is completely safe with us as we follow strict confidentiality agreements and workstation data security policies

  • Streamlined Process

    We have a streamlined and systematic transcription process in place which allows us to deliver the results within the stipulated time

  • Best Infrastructure

    We have access to some of the state-of-the-art infrastructure, which enables us to provide the best transcripts to all our clients

  • Use of Latest Tools

    We make use of some of the latest and updated transcription tools and technologies to provide our clients with the best-quality services

  • Skilled Team

    We have a trained, qualified and expert team of transcriptionists at your disposal, which works independently to take on the work and get going

  • Quick Turnaround

    We understand that students are usually on strict deadlines and hence we ensure that transcription deadlines are met without any delays

  • Final Transcript in Your Preferred Format

    We can work with files in any format - diverse digital audio set-ups, such as DSS, WAV, MP3, MPEG4, RA, WMA, MOV and AIFF amongst others and can also professionally transform audio-visual content into precise transcripts in desired formats.

12-24 Hrs Turnaround Time
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Avail Accurate Dissertation Transcripts at Outsource2india

Outsource2india is a leading company providing dissertation transcription services and has been serving global clients for almost 25 years now. Our experience of having worked with numerous university students from around the world has helped us understand what exactly students are looking for. In our efforts to serve students who often work on lower budgets, we provide cost-effective services, without any comprise on the quality.

Be it university research transcripts or doctoral thesis transcription, we do it all within a quick turnaround time. Therefore, by outsourcing to us, you can avail word-perfect transcripts that are grammatically correct. Reach us now to discuss your transcription needs.

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