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Outsource Dissertation Transcription Services

A good dissertation not only contains a compilation of research findings and notes, but also includes scholastic inputs by the author. Universities have rewarded dissertation theses which are not just assemblies of copied and collated findings but a well analyzed description of the subject being discussed.

While a dissertation is a documentary that shows the researchers' / students' expertise it can also be a treatise created by bringing together data and information from different sources. On the other hand, a thesis is expected to be an original work of research. While both need to be compiled from prevalent data, a thesis is given a higher importance than a dissertation. Both dissertations and theses are mandatory for doctoral programs and PhDs.

With the tight budgets that university students work with, it often becomes expensive and time consuming in transcribing research material from various sources such as - audio recordings, interviews, handwritten notes, audio / video footage of seminars and conferences, and webcast downloads.

Outsourcing dissertation transcription to an external agency can not only save money but can also speed up the time needed to compile and prepare the final report. Outsource2india provides transcription services across the board and has worked with various universities and students around the word in helping them prepare accurate university research transcripts and doctoral thesis transcription assignments.

Dissertation transcription services by Outsource2india

The following activities and features are covered in our dissertation transcription services:

  • Seminar transcription
  • Moderated focus group discussion transcription
  • Transcriptions of group discussions
  • Question answer session transcription
  • Transcription of academic presentations and essays
  • Transcription of journal articles
  • Transcriptions of academic symposia
  • Classroom lectures transcription
  • Conference transcriptions
  • Transcriptions of oral history interviews
  • Transcriptions of focus group studies

We can work with files in any format – diverse digital audio set-ups such as AS, DSS, WAV, MP3, MPEG4, RA, WMA, MOV and AIFF amongst others. We can transform audio-visual content into precise and professionally transcribed documents in the required format. We have the capability to deliver transcripts in formats compatible with any analysis software being used – Nvivo, AtlasTi, HyperRESEARCH or MAXqda.

Why choose Outsource2india for dissertation transcription?

Highly skilled team: We have a trained, qualified and expert team at your disposal to take on the work and get going immediately. These teams work independently and together to ensure a fast turnaround and error-free results.

Experience: Outsource2india has worked with more than 9000 customers in over 45 countries for over 18 years now. Our customers are our greatest asset and their success stories are what drives us to improve the way serve and work.

Clear communication: Often communication or the lack of it leads to outsourcing partnerships going bad. We have always pressed the need for understanding your transcription requirements clearly before we start the engagement and then follow that up with regular communication. This helps both us and you keep track of things and see that the transcription work is going right on target.

Security and infrastructure: We sign individual agreements with our staff, partners and customers to ensure that everyone is on the same understanding when handling data. This apart, we have stringent internet and systems security measures to safeguard customer information. Backed by a robust infrastructure – staff and systems we continue to achieve faster turnaround times when compared to other companies in the same genre.

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