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Audio Transcription of Mock Counselling Sessions

Audio Transcription Mock Counselling Sessions Case Study

Outsource2india successfully provided audio transcription services to an Irish client in just 72 hours!

An independent client located in Dublin, Ireland recently engaged Outsource2india to transcribe more than 9 hours of audio recordings for a research project about anxiety. The client, a PhD student, needed the transcription completed quickly and with minimal errors.

The Client

The client was a PhD student performing research on anxiety, the situations in which it arises, and negative thoughts in subjects she had interviewed. As a result, she needed the following completed:

  • Transcription of three audio files containing mock counselling situations
  • Each of these files was more than 3 hours long
  • The transcription needed to be completed in less than 72 hours to meet the specific needs of the client's research
  • The client needed someone with previous experience transcribing long, detail-oriented audio files quickly

Project Challenges

There were two significant challenges presented during the course of the project that the O2I team had to tackle. These included:

  • Each mock counselling session was more than three hours long and had two participants. The interviewer's speech was clear in all of these clips, but the interviewee was frequently inaudible and therefore could not be parsed easily over the course of the clip
  • The speakers in the mock counselling sessions had accents that were challenging for the team to accurately transcribe. This required additional time spent transcribing and reviewing for quality to ensure no errors

The Solution

The team at Outsource2india took the following steps to address the above challenges and ensure the final transcribed files were of the highest possible quality.

  • A single resource was assigned to work on the project exclusively until completion
  • Despite the audio quality issues, the client wanted the team to continue their work. To address this, each audio file was listened to multiple times to ensure a clear understanding of what was being said
  • Multiple quality checks were performed at different stages to ensure the final transcripts were accurate and error-free

The Results

As a result of the extra time spent working with these audio files, the O2I team was able to produce the transcripts at a quality and accuracy level of 95%, meeting the client's quality benchmark. They were also able to complete the entire project in the 72-hour timeframe they were provided.

The client was very pleased with the end result and agreed to assign additional work to the team if the need should ever arise.

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