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Translation and Transcription of Audio Files for Healthcare Services Provider

Audio File Transcription & Translation

A healthcare services provider in the United States with more than 10 years of industry experience required careful labeling, transcription, and translation of conversations held as part of a focus group. They contacted Outsource2india to handle the project at an affordable rate and in a timely manner.

The Client

The client is a health services provider in the United States and specializes in testing services, hospital services, specialty services, mental health, substance abuse, and women's health services. They work extensively in the community and had several focus group conversations recorded that they needed assistance with. This included:

  • Labeling of each of three focus groups depending on the languages spoken and members included in the conversations
  • Transcription of the English and Spanish audio in all three of the focus group recordings
  • Translation of English to Spanish and vice versa between each transcription to match the languages used

Project Challenges

There were several challenges throughout the project that the Outsource2india team had to address. These included:

  • Transcription in two languages - sometimes same audio file required careful attention to detail and inputs of multiple transcriptionists
  • Each discussion was more than 30 minutes long, and required two separate transcriptions and translations for each conversation
  • Total recording time was 50 minutes for Focus Group 1, 49 minutes for Focus Group 2, and 35 minutes for Focus Group 3

The Solution

To ensure the highest possible quality of work and to resolve the challenges faced throughout the project, the Outsource2india team completed the following:

  • All files were transcribed in both English and Spanish
  • Two resources were assigned to work on this project exclusively until completion, both of which were well-versed in Spanish and English
  • The resulting transcriptions were first translated from English to Spanish and then vice versa
  • The main speaker in each of the files was labeled as Person 1 and the rest of the group was labeled as "student"
  • To ensure the highest level of quality, each transcript was put through multiple quality checks in both languages


As a result of this project, the client received high quality transcriptions in both English and Spanish within the required timeframe, budget, and quality level. This was an existing client and was very happy with the results, and continued to work with Outsource2india with other projects as well.

Outsource to India for Accurate Transcription & Translation in Multiple Languages

Outsource2india is a well-established name when it comes to offering comprehensive transcription services to global clients in different languages. Our team of professional transcriptionists provides accurate and highly secure transcriptions in multiple file formats at cost-effective prices and faster TAT.

To learn more about O2I's transcription and translation services, Contact us today. Go through our transcription samples before making the outsourcing decision.

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