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Top Mistakes to Avoid While Outsourcing Transcription Services

Top Mistakes to Avoid While Outsourcing Transcription Services

Transcribing documents requires expertise in the subject and precision. This requirement is often outsourced by companies to transcription companies as the outcome needs to be measured and controlled. Professional services are hired for efficiency and experience. Despite this fact, there are certain pitfalls that a company needs to avoid at any cost for a better outcome. Let us take a quick look at these issues that need to be avoided while outsourcing the transcription requirements.

Pitfalls and mistakes to avoid

  1. Inferior methods and equipment

    There are different methods followed in this industry to adhere to the specific protocols. For instance, medical transcription needs to be done very accurately by maintaining the highest security of the data provided. Any mistake can mess with the patient profiles resulting in huge blunders and legal cases.

    Similarly, academic transcription needs subject matter experts who know the topics and subjects well. They are the right people to do the job. Apart from experts, anyone blindly transcribing academic documents without subject and knowledge might lose the essence of the subject content.

    Hiring low-cost companies for transcription can lead to a disastrous outcome. The subject matter of these documents might get lost during translation and transcription. Mistakes will be repeated and the efficiency level will reduce. Hence, inferior methods and equipment should be avoided at any cost.

  2. Checking the files before transcription

    Improper audio and visual properties of the files can lead to an improper outcome. The transcriptionist will not be able to understand the context resulting in mistakes and delays. Hence, the files must have clarity as mishearing will automatically result in incorrect transcription of the comprehension. Moreover, improper interpretation will also lead to the misuse of words. Incorrect use of words will definitely lead to inappropriate context explanation of the actual file.

    Make sure the files are noiseless from all angles. The better the files are the better will be the outcome. Hence, it is the responsibility of the company to send high-quality files through a proper medium. In fact, any uneasiness regarding transcribing the files should also be reported to the outsourcer.

  3. Typing errors

    Another big issue that generally occurs during transcription of a huge volume of files is typing error. An inefficient transcription company will hire and engage a team made of inexperienced people. It can result in accuracy problems throughout the project lifecycle.

    Companies often forget to check what tools the agencies use for checking spelling and typing errors. This mistake can result in a big issue in the end. It generally happens when there is a huge workload and the number of people is fewer in the team.

    Hire a transcription company that has an efficient team of professional transcriptionists. The more experience a team has, the frequency of typing errors will be reduced considerably.

  4. Text expansion

    The transcription process often uses text expanders in order to increase the pace of the process. This expansion feature also has an autocorrect option. It has been found that the autocorrect options often convert mistakes into irrelevant texts.

    The accidental or unintentional auto-correction of texts may result in the improper meaning of the context. The addition of irrelevant texts will ruin the essence of the files. This is where a transcription service comes with proofreading elements. Experts check the files thoroughly before submitting the files to the outsourcer.

  5. Grammatical errors

    The speaker or the files may have grammatical errors as not everyone is adept at using words properly. The transcriptionist will have to identify such mistakes without blindly converting them into words. In this aspect, grammatical tools are used for avoiding such undue mistakes.

    Hiring a service company will be efficient when a team uses transcription grammar tools. These mistakes can be recognized and rectified right in the beginning. Hence, you need to hire a company that wields such tools for grammatically correct transcription of files.

  6. Speech recognition issues

    There are software platforms that can be used for speech recognition for making transcription projects easier to comprehend. These speech recognition tools may produce erroneous results. A team of transcriptionists relying fully on such software will not be able to identify the mistakes.

    Manual transcription will not have such issues. Proofreading will also lead to the identification of such issues. Checking samples manually becomes mandatory for the efficiency of this process.

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