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Custom Video Transcription Services for an Entrepreneur

The Customer

The customer was an entrepreneur in the U.S. who was looking for accurate video transcription services. This was his first engagement with Outsource2india.

The Requirement

The customer had several generic interviews on videotape that were to be transcribed. Nine video files of varying lengths had to be transcribed.

The Challenge

The first challenge in this project lay in the particular "time coding" or "time stamping" requirement of the customer. He wanted the transcripts to contain the specific timelines as shown in the video files that he had sent. The responses of the interviewees in all the video files had to correspond to the relevant timeline projected in the video. Thus, accurate transcription services rendered by experienced transcriptionists were something that the customer was looking for.

The second challenge involved the requirement for a fast turnaround time. Time coding is a very time-consuming process. However, the customer was pressed for time due to other commitments and was looking for fast and accurate transcription with time coding.

The third challenge of the project that was formatting. The customer had sent in a particular format in which we had to present the transcripts. This included the layout and indenting of paragraphs that had to be adhered to religiously.

The Process

Outsource2india has a strong and experienced video transcription service wing. The service was provided from one of our international delivery centers. Initially, the customer availed of a free trial of our service to test our capabilities. He then sent us another hour of transcription work to complete. After experiencing our high-quality transcription services twice, the customer requested for a conference to discuss his requirements in detail.

The customer was impressed with the depth of transcription knowledge that we have during the teleconference that followed. We managed to win the customer's trust. The customer then decided outsource his transcription requirements to us and sent the entire batch of video files to us to transcribe.

Our video transcriptionists got to work and turned the project around within an incredibly short span of two weeks.

Benefits to the Customer

The satisfied customer derived multiple benefits from the project. The main ones were:

  • Competitive rates - were much appreciated by the customer
  • Quick turnaround time provided for a time-consuming and labor-intensive task
  • Highest levels of accuracy was achieved with regards to time stamping

Post Processing

After the project was completed, the customer realized that a certain section of one particular video file had been cut while uploading the file on to our secure FTP server. The customer came back to us by uploading the missing section and requested us to transcribe the missing section. We transcribed the additional few minutes of footage and inserted it into the appropriate section of the transcript - a service that we gladly performed at no extra cost, despite the fault lying with the customer!

A Satisfied Customer

The customer communicated to us that he was satisfied with the timeliness and quality of our transcription work. He has promised to return with more transcription work.

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