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Outsource Choosing the Right MTSO for Medical Transcription

Over the last decade, there has been a significant rise in the number of MTSOs (medical transcription service organization). More so with outsourced MTSO medical transcription providers from India who have made investments in sophisticated technology, processes and medical transcription personnel.

Outsource2india has helped several health care providers around the world for over 25 years now. With a highly qualified team of transcribers combined with the right mix of infrastructure and technology, we have been able to build successful relationships with medical organizations in assisting them with their medical transcription and healthcare requirements.

10 Questions to ask before choosing an MTSO

While hospitals have many choices when it comes to choosing an MTSO, especially those providing low cost services, it is also important to note than quality might suffer if you do not have the right partner. Here are some questions to ask while choosing to outsource MTSO transcription, which might help you evaluate potential partners:

  1. What is the background of the MTSO? Does it have sufficient experience?
  2. Do they have trained staff on board – are they well versed with medical terminologies?
  3. Do they have proper communication and language skills?
  4. How quick is their turnaround time?
  5. Do they have references and success stories to prove what they promise?
  6. Does the MTSO have a clear process to take care of your needs?
  7. Can they understand that your needs are unique and thereby customize a service for you?
  8. Do they follow HIPAA guidelines?
  9. Is your data secured? What measures have they taken to ensure the confidentiality of information?
  10. Can they be easily reached?

These questions can put to rest worries you might be having while choosing an MTSO, especially if you are outsourcing medical transcription for the first time. However these also bring to light important facts about prospective MTSOs which you might have missed, even if you have outsourced before.

Benefits of Engaging an MTSO

Though it might make business sense to outsource medical transcription needs to an MTSO, it is equally important to note why you want to outsource. Low cost might be the driving factor but it doesn't always guarantee the returns you might be looking for.

It is important that you set business goals as a yardstick for partnering with an MTSO and you should know the benefits that you stand to gain out of a business relationship. Some of the direct advantages of outsourcing medical transcription include:

  • Low labor and infrastructural cost means you'll be paying less for medical transcription staff as opposed to the high personnel costs that you would have to incur locally.
  • Access to highly qualified personnel, as some MTSOs have PhD professionals and even consulting doctors on board.
  • The advantage with time difference (with India) means that while you relax at night, medical transcptionists are at work and your documents will be ready by your morning.
  • You can invest resources and people in improving patient care rather than on setting up and running a medical transcription process.
  • Quick turnaround time, some as low as 12 hours, ensure that you keep running smoothly without having to worry about following up and managing your MTSO partner.
  • Some MTSOs provide additional healthcare BPO such as medical billing, coding, claims processing etc which might prove to be useful and easily accessible if you choose to acquire these services.
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Outsource2india offers medical transcription services for healthcare BPO providers, from a variety of audio file formats. We have developed a national and global network of transcription resources connected and managed with an advanced internet enabled workflow monitoring system. This unique approach is optimized for customers with high volume transcription needs requiring a capacity-rich partner that can accommodate huge lines of transcription with speed and accuracy.

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