Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services

Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services

Get high-quality and accurate preliminary teleradiology reports in twenty minutes by expert radiologists. At $4.5/read you'll have to rub your eyes twice to get a better deal

A dynamic and ever-evolving field of healthcare has led hospitals and diagnostic centers around the world to outsource teleradiology reporting services so you aren't alone. Lack of qualified and trained radiologists, advanced technological requirements, and high-costs involved to acquire them has surged the demand for outsourcing preliminary teleradiology reporting services across the globe.

Outsource2india has spearheaded this shift and provided hospitals and diagnostic centers with ground-breaking preliminary teleradiology reporting services with a turnaround time shy of 20 minutes. O2I has also provided specialized solutions likes nighthawk teleradiology reporting to make sure that our clients can get on-time and superior-quality reports.

Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services We Offer

We provide a spectrum of preliminary teleradiology services with quick turnaround time. Our services include -

  1. Interpretation and Remote Radiology Reporting Solutions

    Interpretation and Remote Radiology Reporting Solutions

    Hospitals and diagnostic centers can avail specialized preliminary teleradiology reads and reporting services for a wide range of modalities like MRI, CT scans, mammography, X-rays, ultrasounds, procedures, and many others. We have a huge team of full-time radiologists grouped according to their radiology specialization. This ensures that you get precise and high-quality interpretations and radiology reports at competitive prices.

  2. Nighthawk and Emergency Services

    Nighthawk and Emergency Services

    Having worked in the radiology services industry for over 24 years, we understand your pressure and need for radiologists all the time. Therefore, we offer 24/7 services with emergency coverage to our clients. Our team of radiologists, support staff, and technological support is always at the service of the hospitals and diagnostic centers and are well-equipped to manage overflow situations. With offshore resources, we are able to cover all time-zones effectively. This is what makes us a leading provider of preliminary teleradiology reporting services in India.

  3. Report Auditing

    Report Auditing

    We provide preliminary review and auditing solutions for your in-house reads thereby helping you identify discrepancies and fix issues related to quality. We have set protocols and standardized procedures to conduct an in-depth audit for clients. Our services reduce the chances of errors and misdiagnosis.

  4. Virtual Locum Support

    Virtual Locum Support

    Being a top provider of Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services in India, we offer solutions that cater to vacation and emergency coverage on the daily flat-rate basis for clients. The clients can request virtual radiologists to provide vacation coverage to them. We are fully committed and highly-responsive in our reads and reporting, making us an ideal choice as a preliminary teleradiology reporting service provider.

  5. Subspecialty Radiologists for Complex Cases

    Subspecialty Radiologists for Complex Cases

    O2I has expert radiologists in all modalities and subspecialties equipped to handle critical cases and provide authentic preliminary reads and reports. Musculoskeletal disorders, oncology, neuroradiology, chest and lung-related problems, nuclear imaging, cardiology, etc., are some of the many subspecialty fields that we deal in.

  6. Report Quality Check and Review

    Report Quality Check and Review

    This is our free service to all our clients, where after the initial preliminary reporting, a second opinion from another expert radiologist from our panel is undertaken to ensure the quality and accuracy of the report. Another sub-service is giving a choice to clients to ask for a review telereporting on challenging cases done by our radiologist. They can opt for the same teleradiologist or request for another senior-level expert in the field to review and report.

  7. PACS/RIS Software and IT support

    PACS/RIS Software and IT support

    Our forte to handle high-volume teleradiology work comes from the impeccable combination of experienced radiologists and advanced PACS support. To handle bulk service requirements, clients can demand our virtual radiologists in form of PACS/RIS that can provide similar reads and reports like human radiologists.

  8. Emergency on-phone Consultation

    Emergency on-phone Consultation

    We provide 24/7 preliminary teleradiology reporting services, making sure that in case of emergency situations, we are always available for examination and consultation.

Preliminary Teleradiology Reads and Reporting Process


01. Acquiring Images

With DICOM compliant radiology equipment available at most hospitals, diagnostic centers, and at all our work stations, clear image compression is possible. Therefore, the first step is the acquisition of images and using PACS for volume reads. Availability of high-speed internet has made the transfer of radiology images easy and quick.


02. Careful Analysis and Interpretation

All our workstations are armed with modern software systems for clear and uninterrupted viewing of images for an in-depth study. The support software also provides solutions like manipulation, measurements, 3D reconstruction of images, etc. Our team of specialists review each image thoroughly and collate their findings.


03. Review by Senior Radiologists

Each report is scrutinized for quality control and accuracy by a senior radiologist.


04. Secure Transfer

We upload the reports in the software or send it securely to the client in the format and medium of their choice. Throughout the process, confidentiality is maintained.

Other Services you can benefit from

Why Choose O2I For Outsourcing Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Service?

Whether you are looking to generate greater revenue or need expert teleradiology reporting services, as a renowned preliminary teleradiology reporting service providing company, we offer several advantages over our competitors -

  • Cost-effective Solutions

    We assure you that our preliminary teleradiology services are competitively priced and can curb hefty cost investments in case of recruiting in-house radiologists.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    We care for your patients just like you do, hence, we ensure immediate communication and consultation in critical report readings.

  • A Strong Team

    Our panel of radiologists are experts in their field and hold credible experience and degrees, ensuring that they deliver objective and accurate preliminary teleradiology reports.

  • Fast Services and Secure services

    Exceptional turnaround time, i.e., 20 minutes or lesser time is taken to send preliminary reports makes us the ace teleradiology service provider in the industry. The time might change due to the complexity of the reports, but we still take pride in being faster than the other service providers.

  • Quick Reporting of Radiology Reads

    Our highly-skilled radiologists and PACS support system helps us to provide accurate reads to clients in a record time of twenty minutes or less.

  • Accuracy at its best

    We offer best-in-class reports that are evaluated and quality checked by expert radiologists.

  • Round-the-clock Services

    The availability of 24/7 support services ensures that we are always on the call for your urgent situations. Our offices in multiple time-zones make sure that we are always at your service.

  • On-demand Services

    Our flexible services give your on-team radiologists coverage from vacations, emergencies, holidays, unforeseen events, etc.

  • Integrated Solution

    Smooth integration with your radiology team and transparent working style offer a drastic performance boost to your current radiology services.

Client Success Stories

O2I Helped a Medical Imaging Firm with Quick Teleradiology Services

Outsource2india Helped A Medical Imaging Firm with Quick Teleradiology Services

The backlog faced by the client was resolved by our trained Radiologists within just 24 hours. O2I's team used PACS software to fix the challenges faced by the client.

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O2I Provided Full-Service Billing with Medisoft Software

Outsource2india Provided Full-Service Billing with Medisoft Software

Outsource2india offered comprehensive billing support to a client who experienced a drop in collections and AR performance. Our service decreased the AR days and streamlined their revenue.

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We are very pleased with the work and attention to detail provided under our services agreement with O2I. We continue to look for ways to enhance this relationship with our billing company. Thank you again for all that you do.

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Outsource Preliminary Teleradiology Reporting Services To O2I

O2I is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company. Our rich 24 years work-experience, in the field of teleradiology services, has given us the opportunity to provide fast, accurate, and credible services to our clients. Our team of radiologists are graduates from top universities/programs and have years of experience in their specialized fields.

Our prime focus for preliminary teleradiology reporting services is patient care and their uninterrupted medical care. As a specialised teleradiology reporting services company, we have a dedicated and experienced team capable of giving our clients quicker, error-free, and accurate preliminary teleradiology reports. We have partnered with small, medium, and large sized diagnostic centres and hospitals across the globe and support them 24x7, 365 days and are committed to providing high-accuracy preliminary radiology reports. Get in touch with us to avail our preliminary teleradiology reporting services.

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