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Outsource Outsourcing Radiology Services to India

There is a growing demand for radiologists in countries like the US and UK as the number of patients waiting to be diagnosed is on the rise. Outsourcing radiology does not simply involve cost savings, which is usually cited as the primary reason for offshore ventures, but also addresses the issue of timely diagnosis and treatment for patients. The time factor is critical here and outsourcing clinical services like radiology can lead to reduced workload pressure on radiologists, faster turnaround time for patients, and cost savings.

Why is there a need to outsource radiology?

A few facts and figures will make one understand the urgent need to outsource radiology.

Need for Global Radiology - USA

  • Increase in Radiology workloads by 6% per year while the number of Radiologists is rising by 2% per year (in RVU)
  • By 2030, the US population over 65 years will double, and the US population over 85 years will triple.
  • Studies predict 140% increase in annual imaging procedures among Medicare population by 2020.
  • Radiologist & Technologist compensations are getting higher and because of this costs are rising.
  • Inefficient operations, declining stability of Radiology departments

The severe shortage of radiologists is a long term issue.

Need for Global Radiology - UK

"There may be patients with diseases who if they were diagnosed earlier could have a better chance of survival" (Prof Helen Carty, Royal College of Radiologists)

  • Estimated Shortage of 5000 Radiographers. One in seven radiologist posts vacant
  • Average waiting period :
    " MR > 5 Months "
    " US > 2 Months "
  • Over 500,000 people forced to wait for important scans in NHS Hospitals
  • 30% of equipment used to carry out scans on the NHS is out-of-date

The delays are causing a "bottleneck" in the NHS and are preventing many patients from getting the medical care they need" (Audit Commission)

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Outsourcing Radiology

The facts and figures above illustrate the increasing need to outsource radiology. This is not simply based on cost, but on the need for better quality health care. If you would like to outsource radiology or other clinical services why not opt for India. Read more about why this a great option.

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