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FAQs on HL7

At Outsource2india, we develop a wide range of healthcare software, such as electronic medical record software, impact analysis software and claims processing software. All the healthcare software that we develop conforms to HL7 standards, HL7 specifications, HL7 formats. While developing healthcare software for our customers, we make sure that we follow the rules of Hl7 integration. Outsource healthcare software development to O2I and get access to customized software that complies with HL7 standards.

The following are a list of FAQs about Hl7 and why hospitals must follow Hl7 standards.

What is HL7?

Health Level 7 (HL7) is a standards development organization that is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). The HL7 creates standards that define how to represent and communicate data related to healthcare. The HL7 sets the protocols and standards for healthcare domains, such as, imaging, insurance, medical devices, pharmacy and claims processing amongst others. HL7 is made up of members of consultants, vendors, payers, providers and government groups who have a common interest in the advancement and development of standards for administrative and clinical healthcare. The vision of HL7 is to develop the best and most commonly used standards in healthcare. The mission of this organization is to provide standards that would improve the level of healthcare. The Hl7 is non-profit volunteer organization. Health level 7 follows stringent procedures that ensure openness, balance of interest and consensus. The Primary function of HL7 is to develop specifications. The most commonly used HL7 specification is the messaging standard which ensures that incongruent healthcare software applications exchange primary administrative and clinical data.

Why use HL7?

You might be wondering why Hl7 is different, when there are a wide number of healthcare standards. While other standards focus on the needs of a particular healthcare department, HL7 focuses on the interface necessities of the whole healthcare organization. Another reason why HL7 stands out from the rest, is because HL7 creates continuously creates protocols. HL7 addresses the needs of the already incorporated department and hospital systems that use high-end technology. Health level 7 focuses on meeting the immediate requirements of each of its membership constituencies, consultants, vendors and users.

How does HL7 work?

Hl7 follows a well-structured workflow. The entire organization is headed by a board of directors. The board of directors has three positions which are appointed and eight positions which are elected. HL7 also has a special interest groups and technical committees who identify the HL7 protocols. The members of Hl7 also take part in all the above communities.

What is the work of Hl7?

The primary work of the HL7 organization is to develop standards that ensure that critical healthcare information is easily exchanged between computer applications, without the meaning being lost. The HL7 organization also develops formal methodology that supports the creation of Hl7 standards from the HL7 RIM model (reference information model). Apart from setting standards, the HL7 strives to educate the public, policy makers and the healthcare industry about the advantages of standardizing healthcare information. The HL7 organization then promotes HL7 standards and encourages healthcare organizations to create healthcare information standards in their specialized area. This organization also works together with other organizations that develop standards, in order to create compatible standards. It also works together with healthcare information technology users to make sure that the standards it creates meets the necessary requirements.

What are some of the initiatives of the HL7 organization?

The Hl7 organization is actively involved in HIPAA, RIM, HL7 template, HL7 vocabulary and XML technology amongst others.

How can healthcare centers benefit from HL7 standards?

There is an increasing demand for healthcare centers, hospitals and healthcare physicians to receive/send critical data, healthcare reports and other important information on a constant basis. Although information is generally stored in a non-standard format, for information to get transmitted, it must be changed from one format to another format. This difficulty has brought about the need for a method to address this format conversion of information. The HL7 standard is a protocol that has been developed to address the problem of data exchange between different systems.

What is the Hl7 protocol?

The HL7 organization has created the HL7 protocol. This protocol includes standardized vocabulary and grammar. The HL7 protocol has made it easier for clinical data to be easily shared between different healthcare systems. Since there is a standardized version, the clinical data can be easily understood by everyone. The HL7 protocol has removed the need for information conversion, as by adopting this system, different systems can communicate with each other.

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